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Chef Stefano Merlo at Favola, Le MERIDIEN

Written by Myhorng. 9 comments Posted in: Invites, Italian Cuisine, Klang Valley
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Looking for a nice restaurant for dinner? Wanna try something different? Searching for authentic Italian cuisine? Why not drop by Le Meridien and check out their Italian restaurant Favola while Chef Stefano Merlo is in town sharing his traditional northern Italian cooking?

Chef Stefano Merlo who didn’t enjoy his academy back then managed to find his passion at the age of 15 by stepping into the kitchen. Since then, he has worked The Sexd alongside with many highly respected chefs in prestigious restaurant in Italy and eventually explore out from Europe to Australia, Japan and currently settle The Chat down in the kitchen of awards winning, Rossini’s at Sheraton Grade Sukhumvit, Thailand. For a week, he will be sharing his knowledge on Italian cuisine at Favola, Le Meridien starting TODAY. So, what are you waiting for?

Favola in Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

I was really lucky to be invited to the discovery session yesterday along with few other friends. Instead of sitting down and wait for food to serve, we got to witness how chef Stefano Merlo prepares it. I like how this was arranged.   All of us gathered around enjoying how our food is cooked. Chef Stefano humorously explained to us each and every steps while doing the cooking.

The first dish he did was Artichokes Frittata. The session begun with frying eggs with some olive oil. Just before it’s fully cooked, the eggs was then transferred into a blender and blend with cream till smooth. In order Blissemas to create a foamy texture to the frittata, it was then pour into a high pressure container before it was pumped onto the plate. Artichokes and croutons were then place on top of the frittata. The artichokes has been prepared earlier prior to this demonstration in an oven, steamed for 30mins at 90 Celsius.

The foamy texture gave a very good combination when you eat it with the crispy croutons and it’s different when pair it with the artichokes which was tender and juicy. It makes a very good appetizer preparing my stomach for more to come.

The professional doing his work

Artichokes Frittata

Main course awaiting was Seafood Risotto. Rice was toasted with butter to begin with. The rice were stir slowly by adding seafood stock (prepared prior) gradually over time.  The rice turned into orange in color after soaking in the seafood stock. No coloring was added. While chef Stefano string the rice, sous chef started to pan-fry the seafood which consists of prawns, baby squid, scallops and mussels. All of them were pan-fried separately to make sure none of the seafood is overcooked. This was how detail they preparation http://www.shagmate.co.uk was. Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley were added just before the rice is ready and the pan-fried seafood goes on top of the rice with foam created from the remaining stock that left.

  If you are a seafood lover, this dish will not disappoint you. The taste of one mouth full was almost as if you just finished a big seafood platter.  I’m neither joking nor exaggerating.

Toasting the rice and pan-frying the seafood

Seafood Risotto @ Favola, Le Meridien

Dessert was kinda special as it’s mainly made from rice, again. The preparation for this dessert is too complicated for me to understand and elaborate here. Most of the preparation were prepared prior to this demonstration. The rice were soaked in water, boiled with cream milk etc and kept in refrigerator to cool down at least a day before. The cherry parfait  were also prepare in advance.

The rice tasted like chilled oat porridge but a lot nicer. The cherry parfait was sourish which gave a huge contrast to the rice but in a good way.

Risotto’s dessert with cherry parfait

Chef Stefano Merlo will be in town for a very short period of time only and please catch him while you can

There are a range of a la carte menu for you to explore & these exquisite cuisine will be served for dinner only

Promotion date : 15 – 21 April 2012 (6.30pm till 10.30pm)

A la carte price range from RM 30++ to RM 250++

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

4 course set menu also available at RM 300 nett or RM450 nett with wine pairing included

For reservation

email : [email protected]

Tel : +603 2263 7434

Web : www.lemeridien.com/kualalumpur

Address : 2, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kualal Lumpur, Sentral, 50470, KL, Malaysia


After the awesome demonstration from Chef Stefano Merlo, we were given opportunity to sample Favola’s weekend buffet lunch. The varieties available is not the most I’ve been to but is definitely above average.

Some of the appetizers resting on the long buffet line

Authentic thin crust pizzas, seafood dumpling & deep fried calamari

Selections of pastas

Chicken with mash potatoes, Beef & seafood

Meatball, it made me dance after my 1st bite. crispy on the external but tender and juicy internally

Colorful desserts

Wide selection of dessert awaiting

For RM 88++ for such varieties and food quality, it definitely worth the price. The chilling and comfortable Venetians setup is a bonus.

On a special note, whenever you see waffle at Le Meridien, please order! You will never regret. It’s not heavy at all. Initially I wanted only half of the quarter waffle but the rest refused to accept my request as they know I will surely regret. True enough, I want all of it. ALL. The best waffle I’ve ever tried.


Converting My Room Into an Ikea Showroom

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Ever since I’ve moved down to KL, I’ve been occupying a room in KY‘s house. I used to stay in the middle room where the window is  facing the dinning area but I’m using the last room now. The room takes up 7ft by 11.5ft in space. In other word, it’s not very big. With a closet, bed and a small table, there’s barely enough space to walk.

When “stash” building up over time, I need more space for myself. Hence, I’ve decided to put in additional half storey to my room by creating a loft within it. With a blueprint in my mind and wide range of mix and match items from Ikea, I manage to convert this small little rectangle into 3 sections.

Firstly, the so call living hall with a sofa bed (BEDDINGE SERIES) and the racks (IVAR SYSTEM) as storage and working table. This is the core area in the room and I will spend 80% of my time at home here.

Living hall

IVAR Racks

I bought the lights (GRUNTAL SERIES) 2 years ago with an intention to install it on the IVAR racks but never materialized. With this new project, it finally makes itself useful.

Lighting Up the Area

Second part is the upper deck and I would refer it as the passage to dreamland. It supposes to hold mattress for two (normal Queen size mattress will not fit because the width is 5ft but the width for this loft only measures 4.5ft. So you must get the special sized mattress from Ikea if it’s for 2 person) but I filled it up with a single mattress. I did that because I wanna leave some space for storage and a mini work desk. The orange color bedroom storage (MALM SERIES) serves this purpose well.

This is where the actual bed located

Working with lappie on an orange desk

Time to sleep

The Final area will be the grooming and workout segment. This is the first area you will see once you come into the room. With the closets (VESTBY WARDROBE) and mirror, it’s pretty clear that this is the place for changing and grooming, isn’t it.  Can I consider this as a walk in wardrobe? LOL

As you may also see there’s a sit-up bench to be use as workout station or act as a chair. However, it normally ends up with thingsssss…..

I workout, NOT

On top of the wardrobe is the storage for luggage & my dive bag

Wardrobe on one side and IVAR rack on the other. It’s fixed with  picture ledge (RIBBA SERIES) to hold small items. In my case, my electronic shaver, hair wax (yellowish green round items in pic), keys etc will be the usual suspect found on this shelf.

Back of my IVAR Racks

Apart from all those above, I use TUPPLUR roller blind as my blackout curtain to make sure no lights interrupting my sleep.  Underneath my BEDDINGE Sofa Bed, there’s modified storage box for changing sofa bed covers etc. The original storage box doesn’t has a cover which is not very practical as dust will fill up the storage and cleaning will be a hassle. Hence, I’ve added a top cover to the storage box. The cover is Velcro to the box to prevent excessive dust from going in.

Left, blackout blind & Right, Beddinge Storage Box

I’ve completed almost 90% of the blueprint I have in mind. There is no drilling on the wall at all at the moment but if to further occupying the available space, it will be then a must to make holes on the wall.  I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far and hope that I’ll be able to finish up the remaining 10% soon.

Ohh… by the way, this is not an advertorial.


The Only Dinner at Ubud, Bebek Bengil

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Do you always plan your holiday trip? Some will prepare thoroughly but there are people who doesn’t wants to frame it with all these planning. I’ve been asking around and did a lot of research before my Bali trip. Accommodation and itinerary has been planned but we have neglected the food portion. We basically just tried our luck when it comes to meal.

Bebek Bengil aka Dirty Duck was the only place we purposely went and look for it. KY and the gang suggested in the #porkgang chatroom that I should try out this place and we did.

Dirty Duck Restaurant Ubud

We have no idea how’s the place look like until we were there. The whole restaurant was nicely designed. With padi field at the middle of the restaurant, it’s still very classy. Too bad that we arrived around 8.30pm which was quite dark and late, hence not able to have a good look at the surrounding. I would suggest lunch or visit during early evening if you want to give this place a try.

They have this sort of authentic dining area which is kinda cool

We didn’t occupied this spot of the restaurant although we were led by the waitress towards it. We decided to dine at the opposite with normal dining setup as below.

Normal dining area

We ordered 2 main course and 2 beverages. The bill turn out to be Rp 270k. The price is rather on the high side but I’m willing to pay as the food were good and the restaurant setup was really nice.

The famous crispy duck. We were surprised by it’s size. Looks like an underage duck (duckling) to me. It’s roasted or perhaps oven baked until it’s really cripsy and you can even chew on its bones. Yes, this was how crunchy it was, yet you may still enjoy the tender meat hid under the crispy skin. Personally, I like it a lot.

Crispy Duck

What really makes the duck standout apart from its crispiness were the gravies. The distinctive taste of each and every sauce served indeed enhanced the flavor of this dish.

The Awesomesauces (I like the one on the right. It has strong balacan flavor)

By trying to avoid ordering anything to do with duck, this was what happened. I’ve no idea why I ordered this. Not to say that it’s not nice but why seafood in middle of padi field. You know what I mean right? It’s just not matching at all. Nevertheless, it was still pretty delicious but nothing to shout about.

Seafood Platter

Noming the bones

If you so happened to visit Ubud in Bali, I would really suggest this place as they served good food under nice environment but a bit pricey. Nonetheless, it’s still kinda worth paying it.

Click on the image for larger view or click here for the official Webpage


UNESCO World Heritage Goa Gajah

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Mentioned on my previous post that we stopped at Goa Gajah on our way back to Ubud’s hotel after a long ride. This UNESCO World Heritage is one of the most visited location in Bali after Tanah Lot. Perhaps, that’s the reason why there are many blood sucker guides awaiting to suck you dry.

OK, I exaggerated. Please do ask for price before you allow the guide following you around. I did a mistake for not asking prior to the tour. My guide asked for USD10 at the end of the tour which I refused to pay. Eventually, unwillingly I paid Rp 50k but deep inside, Rp30 is max I’m willing to pay. Well…. this place does has its historical values.

Images guide bring you to a comprehensive tour around Goa Gajah begins here.

UNESCO World Heritage, Goa Gajah, Ubud

This place was used for meditation. Damn humid and hot in here

 lingam and yoni statues, as well as a statue of Ganesha

Goa Gajah’s entrance from inside. There are 4 areas for guards

Even 3 Yuki are not enough to circle this tree

Gao Gajah’s Garden

Fragments of Buddha Temple after earthquake

There are many gigantic trees around, check out that crazy con-man (guide)

Nice padi field behind Goa Gajah before we got back to the entrance

Bathing Temple at Goa Gajah

Water Dispenser LOL

Goa Gajah

Entrance fees per person is Rp 30k (not sure if this is official or I’ve been sucked again). Understand from the guide, this place open 24-7 but I suggest you go before 6pm. At night, people comes for meditation etc.


Long Journey Road Trip Exploring the North-East of Bali

Written by Myhorng. 1 comment Posted in: Bali, Indonesia, Oversea
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Good morning from the central of Bali, Ubud after a good night sleep. The scenery from the balcony was not really spectacular but very relaxing indeed.

Padi field just beside the hotel

After breakfast at the hotel, we rented a bike for 2 days and begins the journey to the north east of Bali, Mount Batur. Suanie & FA hiked during their trip for it’s sunrise. KY & Haze did a roadtrip as well and told me it’s mandatory to make a trip up north. Since we will be in Ubud for 2 nights, I planned a long distance roadtrip for the very 1st day.

Day 1 planned and ready to go

On the way to Kintamani, we saw this rice terraces just after Tegalalang. The greenery was really breathtaking. As we still have a long way to go, we didn’t stopover for too long before we continue the journey.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

We had no problem finding our way to Kintamani because it’s just one single direction, go straight, straight, straight and straight. However, we got stopped by Polisi (police) on a roadblock checking for driving license. The officers were friendly after I showed them my driving license and told them I’m from Malaysia. 5 mins after that, we came to this view after paying Rp 25k at a watch station.

Mount Batur, Kintamani

The view was splendid with highland temperature. We were lucky it didn’t rain as shown on forecast. From Monkey Forest Street, it took us approximately an hour to reach here.

Altimeter on my watch showed 1,376m

Camwhoring with the volcano

In order to view mount batur and the lake from a different perspective, we ride all the way down to Jalan Trunyan which follow the perimeter of Danau Batur lake. The road is super narrow with lots of lorries transporting the volcanic sands.

Traffic Jam only because a car break down. Road is too damn narrow dy.

Vegetables farm along the Danau Batur lakeside

Mount Batur in different perspective

We were approached by the local, offered to bring us to the local cemetery and traditional canoeing on the Danau Batur lake. I think we do look like easy prey to them. Really damn a lot of con men around.

Dark clouds moving in slowly and off we go continuing our journey to the next destination, Mother Temple of Besakih. On the very 1st junction, sixth sense told me I should turn to the 1st turning which is a slop going up hill but quick analytic lead me choose the straight road going down hill. This mistakes caused us additional 30km distance I reckon. We were happy riding without noticing the mistake I did until it’s too late. However, along the way, we did came across some interesting spot like this one.

Nice dragon guarding the entrance of Pura Dhangkayangan

Just as we reached our destination, the dark clouds which has been following us finally can’t hold much longer and pour heavily. We rent our umbrella for Rp10k (can get it at Rp5k or less) then stopped for lunch at one of the warung while waiting for the rain to stop. We ordered Soto Ayam & Nasi Goreng. We can’t finish either of them. Not entirely bad just not as appetizing to us.

Rp 40k for these. Expensive.

So it did rain heavily as forecast

The rain gave us approximately 30mins to rest before it stops. As usual, there’s a guide approached us. He told us we are not allow to proceed further other than the main square without a local guide as there are areas that’s forbidden to random visitor. We negotiated to Rp30k which I think is reasonable but I gave him Rp40k at the end as he was doing a good job explaining quite a bit to us.

When we were at the ticket counter, they offered a guide that will cost us USD20 which I refused to pay. Lucky I’m not as stupid.

Mother Temple of Besakih

View from top of the staircases

9 Roofs towels (max is 11 roofs)

Traditional Musical Instruments

Uncle Sunny is up and shinning, umbrella got abandoned and business continue as usual on the other merchandises.

The colorful umbrella that helps the local make some quick $$

She’s going home and so did we

Thing doesn’t always goes according to plan. Without the help of GPS, the planned route got diverted and we ended up riding through many rural villages by asking around with little help of Google map which didn’t work properly at those areas we were at. This was the only time that I’m glad that I do speak Malay.

Riding back from Besakih to Ubud was another long ass journey that really hurts our butts. We stopped by Goa Gajah on our way back which I will post later. This entry is getting far too long for consumption.

The actual routes

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