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It is 20 Nov 2008

Written by Myhorng. 1 comment Posted in: Partying

Since I started some writing with my half bucket full English in Multiply (been abandoned thanks to the great firewall of China) few years back during my birthday, I’m doing it now again in blogspot on 20th Nov!

Well, the thankful thought to a bunch of ex-coliks and friends for a wonderful evening I had yesterday inspired me for doing this.

Initially, it was a farewell dinner for our beloved Lena who will be joining the Ex-XXX Club. 13 of us have our dinner makaned in Shabu-Shabu Bdr Puteri. This place make me got mad for awhile when they refuse to let me into the restaurant to wait for the rest of the group. What kind of service they have. Ended up waiting in Oldtown which is 2 shops beside. However the makaning session is fun with a lot of “blonde” jokes and act around.

The evening will never complete with a 2nd round. Those who do not need reporting to the 2nd job, or 2nd boss or need susu-ing or going for “I like to move it move it” were there in BarCelona in Sunway Pyramid new wingz. Some new comer joined us there for the 2nd round as well making the nite filled with more excitement.

We were having lotz of fun with some crazi or stupid things. The farewell niteout turned into a birthday celebration party when a cake brought out by the waiter with the name of me (I suppose) on it. Thanks for the arrangement dudes, babes. You guys have been some really great coliks to be with. Okie, ex-coliks most of you guys are. Coming back home from China is good with all the friends around and get to drive where ever I wanna GO~ it is just so GREAT

Also to thanks to all those sms-es and FB thingy. Thank you a lot.

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  1. Anonymous

    Photo? Photo? Expression with no photo a little dry leh :)

    November 20, 2008 at 1:02 pm

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