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2008’s Recapitulate

Written by Myhorng. 5 comments Posted in: Living

The 366th and the very last day of 2008. Bye-bye 2008. Been thinking thinking and thinking on things that I’ve done so far on this year. As general, it is a “learning year”. · Learn to take up new roles in servicing department · Learn to handle department expenses (not say like I can manage [...]


Mosquitoes WAR

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Lately been annoyed by the blardy mosquitoes that “escape” into my room. Can’t really enjoy the evening peacefully with all those blood suckers. I’m so pissed off until the extend that i need to stop by 7Eleven checking out the electrical racket middle of the night. they have mosquitoes spray, coil, electrical repellent etc but [...]


2008 X’MAS Eve Party

Written by Myhorng. 12 comments Posted in: Partying, Xmas

It is end of the year and Christmas was just over. I was having so much fun from KY’s X’MAS Eve Party, btw, I do live in the same house anyway. It has been awhile since I last appear in this annual event after been sold to China for few years. Was bit worried that [...]


Since it was a Friday nite without any plan scheduled, KY and I was thinking of going for another round of night golfing after we had it on Tuesday night this week. The crowd was so different from weekend’s morning or afternoon session. We initially have to thought of try playing on the ground floor [...]


Day of Flying Shoes

Written by Myhorng. 2 comments Posted in: Gossip, Humor

You can be a national Hero by throwing a pair of shoes. This was the incident in a conference in Baghdad while Bush pays a farewell visit on Sunday. A journalist who is now a hero to alot of people thrown a pair of shoes on Bush but unfortunately missed. on top of that, he [...]


Sony PSP Maniac

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We always know that Hong Kong is seriously consider a gadget country. Most of the people there will be carrying bag with them while on the move regardless male or female. And a lot of them are expensive designer branded stuff. Throughout my 3 years working in China with frequent travelling to HK (at least [...]


While writing up the previous post, make me relate to one of the information I was told. It was something to do with Malaysian public companies. The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) and The Edge, with the leading brand consultancy firm, Inter brand, act as the main executor for “The 30 Malaysia Most [...]


Picture below was taken in SS2 pasar malam. Yes, I do go to pasar malam, for the food basically. Anything special with the photo? No not the pepper spray. look in detail. Banks and credit card companies VISA, MASTER etc. is trying to make us bankrupt in whatever possible way they can. Now you can [...]


Golfing, it sound to some people that it’s a rich-man game. But to those who knows, golfing is no longer sound like it used to be. In driving range, 100 balls for training will only cost you RM10.00 ONLY. Hence, small potatoes like us get to learn up this game also. Should try change mamak [...]


Some lucky us may come across accident just in front of our eyes. What basically you going to do? take photo? clap your hand, open you mouth and eyes widely, get amazed, congest the traffic by slowing down (and watch obviously), place a helping hand etc. This is what I come across this morning on [...]