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Golfing, it sound to some people that it’s a rich-man game. But to those who knows, golfing is no longer sound like it used to be. In driving range, 100 balls for training will only cost you RM10.00 ONLY. Hence, small potatoes like us get to learn up this game also. Should try change mamak session to this slightly more healthier hang out though sometimes.

I’m still a newbie on golfing and only been to a few driving range. Lately, I’ve been introduce to this Sunway Extreme Park driving range. It’s just a couple minutes drive from the place I stay. So, this is going to be a reasonable place for me to golf-lepaking.

Other than the location, the place is quite relaxing and natural without the netting usually found in driving range. Most driving range will be covered by netting to prevent powerful tigerwood’s drive or noob hit like i do, which might not know where the exact direction of the golf ball will be flying hitting something it not suppose to hit. If you can drive 300 Meter, you might hit the car parking around the hospital exactly opposite the driving range. Try it out if you can.

However, golfing is something that seem easy but not in reality. Need practise, practise and practise. Too much knowledge and consistency involves. But, it is one of the way to keep you healtier, no?

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