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Sony PSP Maniac

Written by Myhorng. 1 comment Posted in: Observed

We always know that Hong Kong is seriously consider a gadget country. Most of the people there will be carrying bag with them while on the move regardless male or female. And a lot of them are expensive designer branded stuff.

Throughout my 3 years working in China with frequent travelling to HK (at least twice a month), i observed that the carrying bags are most likely full with gadgets. Up to date mobile phone, ipod, hardcore headset, PSP etc. Their hands are always busy with gadget in train, on the road, in restaurant, even in toilet. I’m also always busy with my phone as well lar, busy msning most of the time.

However, I never know that we Malaysian also crazy with PSP. While having lunch in one of the famous chicken rice place near Tesco Puchong, I encounter some young PSP enthusiast dudes where each of them were holding up a PSP and don’t give a damn if you are waiting for tables or whatever. They just keep pressing the buttons and concentrate on the 4.3″ LCD screen. This is a good role model showing we are in par with those Hongkies or what?

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  1. KY

    i will stare cock at them if i am waiting for a table

    December 16, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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