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Some lucky us may come across accident just in front of our eyes. What basically you going to do? take photo? clap your hand, open you mouth and eyes widely, get amazed, congest the traffic by slowing down (and watch obviously), place a helping hand etc.

This is what I come across this morning on the similar topic on msn.

SC : got 1 incident i want to tell u
SC : last nite, SK witnessed an accident,
SC : a Honda M driver overtook SK, come to a turn n banged on a motor biker.
SC : tat motorbiker terbang & do triple somersault n landed on the floor sitting
SC : SK wind down the window & Fxxx the Honda M (we do that don’t we?)
SC : coz tat malay went down & scold the motorbiker
SC : now come to the peak liao on why i wanna tell u
Me : huh, what then
SC : SK made a call direct to GH (General Hospital)
SC : saying like this
Me : satu bxbx langgar motosikal? LOL
SC : got accident at xxx, I checked on victim, got fracture leg & pls send ambulance
SC : she said she is Dr K. (obviously she is NOT! not even a nurse)
Me : WTF, “luan luan” taruh 1 ar (“simply” in Hokkien)
SC : this girl is just too funny & too daring. I think she is also risk taker
Me : just simply crazy

Well, different ppl will have different way of handling this kind of situation. The above method having a good intention to expedite the response from our hospital (you know how long the response can be sometimes). However, I personally think such mis-info might worsen the situation.

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