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The MooMoo Cow Year 2009

Written by Myhorng. 11 comments Posted in: Celebration, Living

My 1st vacation in 2009′s plan going to be on the very first day of CNY. I’ve been busy doing packing. Yeah yeah, everything last minute. even I got my pants in Pyramid after having reunion dinner with KY’s family just. Today was a rushing day. rush here rush there rushing buying this rushing buying [...]


We are always unique as ourselves. Every individual will think, behave, and act differently. These differences will be substantially stood out when it comes to the way men and women think. Obviously, the differences make us attract to each other and have argument in a later part for the same reason. Life is full of [...]


After been trying out the new camera for few days, pictures captured still sucks. “Polish I need the skill, FAST”. However, thanks to the accessible of information all over the World Wide Web, the fundamental of photographing are able to comprehend easily. A lot of knowledge was stolen from ‘Digital School of Photography’. OK, back [...]


Decision Made Canon G10

Written by Myhorng. 10 comments Posted in: Gadget

The day to day decisions are mostly made upon certain level of compromising. It is just hard to make things goes along the way you want it to be. I’ve been in this 15 16 (in Cantonese, = indecisive) situation many weeks back. The devils inside my head keep fighting on picture quality or mobilization. [...]


2009 Sunway CNY Decoration

Written by Myhorng. 5 comments Posted in: Observed

Every end and beginning of the year always had been bursting with celebrations. Every city will have all the beautiful decoration in place for the season’s greeting. One of my favourite is Hong Kong, and I believe a lot of people out there will have the same thought. Victoria Harbour, at all times, nicely decorated [...]

Be there – 090109 @ 7pm and yes we were there, for the launching of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. OK, not exactly 7pm sharp, come on, this is KL and how could we who work outside KL city going to reach Pavilion on time for the event? Ya Ya, lame excuses I know. I drove [...]

There are reasons why we shouldn’t use software with beta version. Apparently, the outcome will be more severe if you are dealing with language translation. One of reason illustrate perfectly on the picture taken in one of the restaurant I had my dinner in China. Picture shown to a supplier of mine from US and [...]


2009 Vacation Plan

Written by Myhorng. 10 comments Posted in: Trips

Within these 2 years, I’ve been doing a lot of travelling, cuti-cuti China. I will try to share those experiences more later on. For now, the ‘vacation plan for 2009’ should be on priority. It seems to be so irrational to plan for vacation during such economy uncertainty period. Well, I already have two trips [...]


2009 New Year Eve Party

Written by Myhorng. 4 comments Posted in: Partying

There will be no better way to start a brand new year posting with the very 1st moment of the year from New Year Eve Party held in Michael’s place. I’m so honour to be invited by the host after meeting him for the very 1st time in KY’s Xmas Eve Party. Before heading to [...]