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How could a vacation trip be without sightseeing? While we were so excited to proceed with the local trip in the 3rd day morning after a simple dim sum breakfast, the rest of our China relative seem to be so sad as if it going to be a long term farewell. Everyone giving hugs and [...]


The Usage Of Internet

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After my previous EHS survey post, I found out that someone actually link up my post to his. It actually contributes some traffic pit stop. Maybe should it be call passing by without stopping at all because most of them stop by ‘zero’ second. Instead of seeing what they searching for, they only found some [...]


Today I came across this statistical survey from The Star. Not too much on the finding but the measurement towards the results of the survey. Part of the survey linked to the level of erection hardness or they call it with some super glamour name, Erection Hardness Score (EHS). Environment Health & Safety (also EHS) [...]

Finally, after some incident that causes interruption on the posting schedule, I get to write about one of the best trip and CNY I had so far. It was so fantabulous not of its luxurious, not of the fantastic location but the laughter, the fun and the families get along part that created the utmost [...]



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Buffet, this term is no stranger to basically everyone who is able to grab their own food. However, how many of you know buffet can actually put into 4 different types? Random Buffet Picture One Take the things you want from the line, stall etc and get to pay end of the day base on [...]


When we mention about Cameron Highlands, relaxing, chilling, refreshing, whatever ‘shing’ will come into our mind without our concious. Two weeks ago while we had our weekend trip to the highlands, it turned out to be an interesting, exciting, adventurous and hilarious occurrence. This was the very first time for few of the members to [...]


Valentine’s Day

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Once again, the day which been looking forward by couples, courting singles, florist, F&B outlet etc. is here filling up the weekend. Valentine’s Day which also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, 14th of February, does it mean anything to you? I’m kinda agree with Suanie on her write up, why we have to make the [...]

The 15 days of 2009’s CNY finally over. It was one of the best CNY ever that full with enjoyment, excitement and experiences. I wanted so much to write something about my trip during CNY but something more interesting slotted into the queue which I really need to do it without any delay. We were [...]


1st Post In The Year of COW~

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Oh hi ya… finally I’m back. OK I’m back for almost a week and nothing was posted so far. I have dozen of lame excuses for not writing like:- too tired from the CNY triptoo busy with work after long breaktoo many activities going on during the CNY period (still CNY until 9th Feb)too busy [...]