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How could a vacation trip be without sightseeing? While we were so excited to proceed with the local trip in the 3rd day morning after a simple dim sum breakfast, the rest of our China relative seem to be so sad as if it going to be a long term farewell. Everyone giving hugs and waives as boarding the touring bus which the driver started to get frustrated because it was completely out of schedule. Remember that there were 36 of us plus a few local relative following us making it a 41 person, it was an exclusive trip. Hence, we don’t really bother about the time, making it a free and easy way.

When it is an exclusive trip, you get to say “NO, the morning call will be at 9.30am, breakfast 10am, 10.30am depart” when the tour guide told you that the morning call should be 6.30am in most of the tour package trip. Of course, we did discuss it over and willing to compromise for a better quality trip with fewer sightseeing stops.

After like 3 – 4 hours couching, we reached the very first destination for our sightseeing trip, ‘Yanoda’ (The pronunciation means 1, 2, and 3 in Hainan’s). This place is basically a tropical rain forest preserve. It is actually a popular place that is a must to visit when in HaiNan Island. It does means a lot to the local visitor. Throughout China, there are only 2 places with tropical rain forest and here, in HaiNan is one of them where another is XiShuangBanNa(西双版纳), located in YunNan Province.

Entrance of Yanoda, 123

To us Malaysian, we have tropical rain almost every evening lately in Klang Valley and we do have rain forest almost everywhere. So the below conversation took place after we understand the reason to visit this 123.

Guide: You guys wanna follow the routes of 3 hours, 2 hours or the shortest 1 hour walk?

We: Do you have anything like 30 minutes walk?

Guide: Errr…. (Laugh. And she was aware that we are from Malaysia)

The electronic map of 123 with sensor detection, starts explain when you are on the location

Obviously we decide to go for the shortest path lar, abo then. Not all of us actually went for the rain forest tracking. Some lazy bums (ok, some are veteran candidates) prefer to relax in the waiting area on the entrance itself. Those who are young (me for instance), energetic, never seen a rain forest (apparently not us), feeling ass pain after long hours travelling, loves to walk, like to feel the natural, and those have problem with decision making and no idea which to follow (quite a few of them actually), follow the guide for a ‘short’ 1 hour walk.

It was a very pleasant walk actually with very nicely done pavement, nice surrounding by the botany. Most of the time, it is not the place that makes you feels good, but we make the place great instead. Even like such ‘nothing new’ to us sightsee, we still happily enjoy the laughter and stupid joke flows along the walk. There were some rare species of flora we discovered during the walk. The ‘pandan’ leafs, is huge and the aroma of it can be smell 15 meters away before you even see it. Another things that they were so proud of is the coconut trees and the pinang trees. Oh well, we stay in Pulau Pinang (Pinang tree’s Island). Worth the walk though.

The next destination of the day was YuLong Bay with very nice and fine sand. Been tired and again, beach? We are from Penang. 30 mins later, we just headed for dinner.

Lunch + Dinner for 3rd day.

After a long day of travelling, the itinerary of the day includes a hot spring session after dinner. Everyone was busy shopping for bikini and sandals for the session; again we hold up too much time and ended up hot spring before check in to the hotel. So, you get your stuff out from your luggage by the roadside was the only choice you have.

The hot spring was very relaxing with big pool for kids to play around, many mini 5 – 9 capacity pools with various elements like Ginseng, Peppermint, Harkucou (cantonese, the herbal tea we drink) etc been insert into it, a hot spring fish spa where you feed the hot spring fish with your leg, salt spa, and also mud spa (cold water, really cold). I tried all of them of course, except the area for the nudist. You need to be naked to be there and sorry lar, I dare not. Scare not able to control ‘it’ well and make shame of myself. LOL. No picture available too bad. Camera prohibited.

It was a long day and we call it an end after supper session just by the side of a junction across our hotel.

Oh yeah, check out our outfit now with the one we wore for the first 2 days. The

climax climate changes so much.

3 posts as plan for the CNY trip will not able to make it now. Might need more than 4 I think…

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  1. Of [email protected], 3nvironment and [email protected]@[email protected]

    it’s a waste that no one took any pics at the hotspring resort..we should’ve taken a shot when mai siew, my mother and mai ngor screamed during the fish spa session..haha

    February 27, 2009 at 9:53 am
  2. Pet

    So, overall do you think Hainan a good trip? Hmm..or the hot spring the best of Hainan?

    February 28, 2009 at 4:19 am

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