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When we mention about Cameron Highlands, relaxing, chilling, refreshing, whatever ‘shing’ will come into our mind without our concious. Two weeks ago while we had our weekend trip to the highlands, it turned out to be an interesting, exciting, adventurous and hilarious occurrence. This was the very first time for few of the members to be going to Cameron Highlands even it is just 2.5 hours drive from the intense agitation KL city. Some unexpected interruption occurred during our way up the windy road from Tapah should made this an even more memorable for them I believe. By the way, the first thought came across my head after the ‘bang’ was “how am i going to go work without a car, damnit.”

However, I’m glad to have friends who were quite supportive without showing any resentment towards the turnoff. The coverage of the incident posted here. It doesn’t stops us from our objective and continue with the journey except with transportation issue and screwed up almost 1 whole afternoon.

We reached the house which is near Brinchang around 4pm. The place was awesome with a nice splendid view down a golf course, a fire place where we had alot of fun in the later part, and it is huge.

After making fun surrounding the house while waiting for a pair of love bird completing their nesting, we finally got to fullfil our empty stomach around 5.30pm with steamboat lunch+dinner. Almost starve to death we were.

The steamboat taste fairly normal with half spicy tomyam and half chicken flavour soup which eventually mixed up because all those greedy pigs or hungry ghost over flow the barrier with everything. it was still a very pleasant meal and I’m happy with it. More tempting pictures on the steamboat with ShaolinTiger.

After fulfilling my complaining stomach, was the time to face some cruelty reality. Some of us need to head to the nearest Traffic Police station to log a accident report. we waited there since the officer was taking his own sweet time with his dinner at HOME. Well, no complaint since the officer is kinda nice to us and render us with the procedure and information because I need to do the report in Tapah instead of Cameron Highland due to Perak and Pahang. Can’t they just like link up the whole blardy reporting thing?

Well, the only place we can go now is HOME. The night was still young but it was dark along the road heading back.

A fire place is something awesome to have in weather such as Cameron. It was pretty hot during the day time but when the sky goes dark, it was kinda chilling around 18 Celsius. We were having a lot of fun beside it. We bake some potatoes in it which later serve with butter and salt. Best supper ever. By the way, gambling took up most of the time we sat beside the fire place. No picture evidence here due to legality problem.

the trip will never complete staying in such nice place without some scary movie shit.
I was the very first person to woke up and you have nothing better to do while waiting the rest of the member to wash and clean themselves or washing other up, you take photos of flowers surrounding the house.

The sight seeing route starts with some nice tea and scones tasting session beside one of the tea plantation. I had a strawberry tea which i think is pretty good. I have few kind of tea under my office drawer from Twining s and it taste no where near to those i had during my Uni days in UK. The apple tea should not only have the aroma of an apple but also the taste of an apple in the tea without compromising the taste of the tea itself then only I’ll consider that as a good 1. Surprisingly the strawberry tea I had in this Cameron Bharat tea plantation was a good one. The scones I had was delicious as well. It will be better with some proper cream though.

Once again we satisfy our stomach and headed to check out some strawberries. Was actually checking out the place that we can actually plug and eat on the spot. However, when we finally there, no one actually do that. Check out the bees, taking photo of the strawberries, making funny video we were. Check out Suan’s video part 1 of 2. Strawberry farm’s video will be on the 2 of 2 I guess.

You can also check out some nicer strawberries pictures from KY’s and also Kim’s + some funny write up.

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  1. suzie

    Superb escapade! :)

    February 19, 2009 at 8:14 am
  2. -eiling-

    the moon pic looks very nice! Aiyah… didn’t get to gamble with you guys this time… couldn’t make money for EIF.. Ish..

    February 19, 2009 at 9:20 pm
  3. Lisalicious

    oh nice, that house / apt got a fireplace ! :D

    i went there last year but stays in equatorial at the top mountain…very nice view and so COLD!

    February 19, 2009 at 9:51 pm
  4. Pet

    Looks like a really wonderful trip!

    February 20, 2009 at 11:02 pm
  5. Myhorng

    Suzie, indeed

    eiling, although i’m in some bad luck but when comes to gambling, i think i’ll take out some money from EIF.

    Lisa, EQ is nice also i heard but ours is free.. wheet.

    Pet, it was it was, and getting the car repair lagi fun.

    February 22, 2009 at 1:38 am

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