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The concerts odyssey finally came to an end after tongue twisting Jason Mraz, Powerful AMeiZing and now the rocking Britz Oasis. On top of QingMing back in hometown and the Nuffnang event, the travelling down south was one of the main contributions to the 1720km weekend mileage.

We almost missed the concert even though the plan for the journey was supposed to be slow and relaxing. However, it ended up in such a hurry and rushing dramatically.




Depart from KL



Lunch in Melaka



Reaching Singapore



Ticket Colleting



Hang out with FA and Dinner



Bouncing around concert floor



Depart from Singapore



Reaching KL



The earlier part of the expedition down south was fresh and full of excitement. Melaka, the heritage town renowned for its mouth watering delicious local delicacies was our definite first pit stop of the day. How could a road trip like that not making us go for the famous chicken rice ball lunch?

The Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

Asam Curry pour on the fish and back few times before it can serve

The starving made us devoured all the dishes like hungry ghost escaped from the gate of hell. It was a very satisfying meal. Tasty chicken with silky texture, awesome sticky chicken rice balls, a portion of vegetable, spicy and sour asam fish head and of course some shooting coconut juice which turn out to be a very reasonable RM77.20. More detail coverage on chic stuff here.

Vege, Asam Fish Head, Silky Chicken & Chicken Rice Ball

After the filling main course, something you should never missed while in Melaka, the Jonker88 Chendol as dessert. The thick “gula Melaka” (Melaka Brown Sugar) with strong aroma for the win.

Jongker88 Chendollllll

No time wasted! Journey continued! Everything was fine until crossing Johor border on the expressway. Traffic started to get worse. I couldn’t understand why everyone kept on driving on the speed lane instead of the left? Obviously with more cars on the overtake lane than the slow track, the traffic was piling up and causing everyone to drive at the speed less than 90km/h. It couldn’t be worst when it started to rain. It was a damn tiring drive no shit.

Thing started to get tensed when we reached the border of our neighboring country Singapore. We were directed to the office instead of doing the immigration documentation on the drive thru area because we didn’t fill in the embark/disembark card. We wasted almost additional 35mins in the immigration office itself. Apparently, the officer there was not very efficient either. The ticket collection counter supposed to be closed by 7pm and by 6.45pm we were still stuck in the custom area. I was badly in need to pee during that time and yet I decided to hold on the process hoping we could get to the concert venue soonest. Tragic!

It was such a relieved when we were told the collection could be done until 8.30pm after trying so hard to find the correct number to call via mobile phone. Technology is such an awesome stuff, man.

After getting my Autopass done in order to get my car drive into the “fine” country, the GPS decided to “merajuk” (sulk), showing us low batt sign. And oh ya, the fuse of my car’s cigarette lit up module was blown off an hour earlier making the charging not possible. What we could do at that moment was to pray hard it holds until we reach the stadium and it did. Fuh~

Dinner was just fast food Subway around the corner of the stadium which was really good. It would be better if we would have more time to appreciate the pork in it. Amanda almost chocked to death, no kidding.

Oasis live in Singapore

Concert started around 8.15pm and the atmosphere was incredibly awesome. We were on free standing area with a lot of mat salleh (westerner) around. We had one in our group as well though. It actually did create misconception that we were on a concert outside the amazing Asia continent.

No concert will be better than a rock band performance show, especially such a big name band that won uncountable awards since they formed from “The Rain” then “Oasis”. Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher sang with undeniable great performance. Liam was having his hand inside the wind breaker he wore throughout the night as if he was scratching his itchy crotch. Funny sial.

Other than the 2 vocalist, I love the drummer. His performance was great. The fast beats, the throwing of the drum sticks, turning it while still manage to follow the flow of the song, awesome. It was a right decision to do, getting my ass here in Singapore for Oasis. Great show that will keep your adrenaline level high without dropping. More coverage with Kim who was standing nearer to the stage. I was walking around the area enjoying the show in every possible angle.

Going back was smooth at least. Just the timing was a little bit out and we reached home kinda late. In order to make sure everyone reached home safe, I decided NOT to drive. I was way too tired to drive another straight 400km. ST did.

Kim, ST, Me, KY, Amanda

more pictures of Oasis here

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  1. Kimberlycun

    your pictures are awesome!!!

    April 8, 2009 at 5:56 am
  2. KY

    next time i need to bring better cameraaaaa!

    April 8, 2009 at 12:20 pm
  3. suzie

    3 concerts in a month~wow……..! What or when is next? BTW, chendol is so tempting, mouth watering.

    April 8, 2009 at 8:58 pm
  4. julian

    I saw them play once, in Belgium – but one of the brothers was sulking and refused to play outside of the UK…

    April 9, 2009 at 12:30 am
  5. Pet

    Good trip, even though really short.

    Yeah, better not to drive if you feel tired.

    Btw, photos are great!

    April 9, 2009 at 4:13 am
  6. Myhorng

    Kim, tankiu~

    KY, yours too big

    suzie, next going to be next year dy. broke. go penang road stops the watering then.

    julian, hi there. lucky u seeing them throwing temper. LOL.. the most emo band ever.

    Pet, yeah yeah yeah. thanks though.

    April 9, 2009 at 4:45 am
  7. eMmy LiM

    erm…y suddenly mad about concert!!!???

    April 9, 2009 at 8:37 am
  8. -eiling-

    wah somemore got detailed schedule. don’t pray pray…

    April 9, 2009 at 10:01 pm
  9. thenomadGourmand

    whew! so that’s the last of it?? and i tot its recession now..not for u eh?;p

    April 11, 2009 at 7:35 am
  10. Myhorng

    eMmy, it just happened.

    eiling, we prayed alot while in sg custom. LOL

    thenomaGourmand, it is. i’m broke now.

    April 11, 2009 at 10:08 am

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