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Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Written by Myhorng. 6 comments Posted in: Movie, Review

I was right about the ending of the movie on my entry post for winning this premiere screening from Nuffnang. Who wouldn’t anyway on such romantic comedy? However, the concept of the movie was what makes it remarkably refreshing. The flashbacks took up almost one third of the plot and looking back at the old [...]


Entry of District 9

Written by Myhorng. 7 comments Posted in: Entry, Movie, Nuffnang

Not even two tigers can co-exist on a mountain as in Chinese Proverb. What could it be if human have to live together with alien on our lovely planet earth? How many of us out there can’t even tolerate and be considerate among human kind ourselves? How frequent we come across racist even at our [...]


Was suppose to do a post for Chivas events I attended today but due to unforeseen circumstances, this post has to postpone until further notice. On top of that, due to laziness strikes which is kinda normal I guess, I decided to share some interesting books that I came across when I’m too boring and [...]

My ticket winning luck attempt succeeded. I won myself a pair of RM308 tickets, a MU jersey and a bottle of limited edition Smirnoff vodka with this entry. With the rest of the gang hold RM98 tickets, we headed to the venue as early as 3.30pm, 2 hours before the match starts. Shiang, Jeff, Sotong, [...]


The 6th movie of 50 billions pound worth of magical story is on big screen now. I followed the earlier 5 and this, was something different. Harry Potter and the rest grown and so do the movie. I doubt kids will enjoy this show except the fans who read it way before the movie. It [...]