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My ‘Engrish’ Very ‘Powderful’

Written by Myhorng. 5 comments Posted in: Humor

3 days more, we Malaysian shall celebrate 52 years of Merdeka (Independence). I’m always glad to be a Malaysian when it comes to our ability in dealing with languages. On top of being able to read, write and speak on 3 major languages, Malay, Engrish English, and Chinese, dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese and [...]


Premiere – Orphan

Written by Myhorng. 3 comments Posted in: Movie, Nuffnang, Premiere, Review

I don’t usually watch horror movie especially haunted. The reason being, I’m scare there are too many negative elements in it which doesn’t make any good to us. Heart pumping faster in this situation increases blood circulation is not consider healthy as you are on trek mill ok. However, the trailer on Orphan was so [...]


2 weekend back, Suanie invited me for a waterfalls trekking organized by Yoonkit. Initially, I was kind of reluctant not knowing 80% of the names in the list. However, I was talking to myself, rather than staying at home mushrooming, why not I stay healthy with outdoor activity at the same times knowing more friends? [...]


Loyal To The Spot

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Now, when we talk about “Loyal” and “Spot”, what actually circling round and round and round your head? Lately my company switched over from Streamyx to Wimax P1 (wonder why both must end with ‘x’) for faster connectivity and lower cost I think. Now, no doubt we have faster connectivity which easily reaches 100kb/sec but [...]


UP by Pixar

Written by Myhorng. 5 comments Posted in: Movie, Nuffnang, Review

Did you ever experience 2 types of screening in cinema on a single movie session? I was one of the lucky people to experience that during UP premiere screening last week by Nuffnang. The movie started with normal screen and changed to a 35mm digital print after 10mins. The differences were significant. The color was [...]


G.I. Joe

Written by Myhorng. 6 comments Posted in: Movie, Review

G.I. Joe, I can still remember the cartoon from my younger day. I always love it, seeing extraordinary soldiers with all sorts of skill ass kicking cobra troop. Now, it’s on movie and since KY is not in town, I’m again lucky enough to be invited as replacement to the premiere at Signature GSC by [...]

I always consider myself a cheap drinker when it comes to alcohol. You need not pay much to get me to the happy heavenly wonderland. There are many different ways we appreciate our drinks and the worst I came across was the period I worked in mainland China. Other than forcing me to drink like [...]


Name – Why "Horny"

Written by Myhorng. 18 comments Posted in: Humor, Living, Name

Name, such an ordinary term yet so important to almost everyone and everything in this world. Please tell me who or even what on earth do not have a name? I’m not able to even come out with one. Everything needs a label to distinguish one from another although it might be similar one on [...]


The Proposal

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“Economy in recession”, is no longer new to many. I personally came across question like, “is it really economic recession?” when you may still see a sea of people lining up in front of cashier counter in shopping malls waiting to fork out money for their purchase, clubs with full of crowd even during weekdays, [...]

Time flies. August, Chinese favorite number 8 it is now. This is an eventful month with 2 weddings, several birthdays and many other events and functions to attend. It started with Mr. Galvin Tan KarLeng a.k.a. Klang ChaoAhBeng and Julea’s wedding on the very 1st day of August. I was part of the ZhiMuis on [...]