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UP by Pixar

Written by Myhorng. 5 comments Posted in: Movie, Nuffnang, Review

Did you ever experience 2 types of screening in cinema on a single movie session? I was one of the lucky people to experience that during UP premiere screening last week by Nuffnang. The movie started with normal screen and changed to a 35mm digital print after 10mins. The differences were significant. The color was more striking and the effects of the anime were sharper. I was hoping they changed again to 3D but it did not happen, too bad.

I must say that UP was a nice animated film to watch. The intro showed some clouds were creating babies, it was really soothing and funny scene. However, the real story began when it showed how 2 kids met and eventually turned into a lovely couple, living in an old house where they met till they are old. Ultimately, one of them needs to miss the other half eternally in his final years. Yes, this sounds sad! Amazing isn’t it? A cartoon that makes you laughed and cried at the very first 15mins of the movie. No, I didn’t cry (but I know some did) but I really feel sad at that moment.

The lovely couple

Potato freaking out

The 78 years old (Carl Fredricksen) treasured his loved one so much that everything was kept as it was when she was alive until an incident happened and he was forced to leave his once lovely nest they built. Decided not to compromise, he equipped his house with massive helium gas balloons and took off together with his old house on a journey to complete his beloved wife’s unfulfilled adventurous dream which never had started. Without notice, he took off with a potato kid (Russell) with him and eventually they met up with a bird and a dog (Dug) before completing the wildest adventure.

you want to be the happy 1 or the sad 1?

Many might enjoyed the actions and the hilarious scenes with some nice script along the way, it touched me in certain extent. Carl, due to his persistency upholding his loved one’s dream has made him a heartless stubborn jerk ass. I do understand the difficulties one had to go through when we lost someone we used to love so much. Ended an 11+ years relationship was never been easy for me too. However, life moves on and we need to accept the fact that past history serves no benefit other than some sweet and awful reminiscence we need to treasure as part of our life. When it comes the time that we need to open up and let go of the past before we are able to accept the future awaiting ahead, we just need to do so. Brighter future and opportunities are just not for you to grab with a clenched fist. Carl learned when Rusell insisted the dangerous bird rescue mission even by himself. Ultimately, Carl figured out the future should be something to treasure more and the life of the kid should be priority and decided to let go, letting go even all the furniture in the house which he used to treasure so much in order to lighten the old house to take off once again with leaking balloons. From then onwards, we can see smile on his face and the wrinkly, crumple old face was gone and no longer exist.

paradise just on top of the waterfall. long journey for them

The movie was emotional, sad, fun, humorous, breathtaking and educational all at the same time. It focused so much on the characters’ feeling that could easily touch our hearts. Great job Pixar! I believe watching in 3D will be more awesome.

Myhorng Rating – 8.0/10

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  1. Jacquelyn Ho

    this movie is definitely worth watching for the 2nd time!

    August 19, 2009 at 9:15 am
  2. -eiling-

    so lucky la you. always watch free movie. I think I'll watch this soon I hope!

    August 20, 2009 at 9:56 pm
  3. Myhorng

    Jac, 1 is good for me. but to watch again it must be 3D

    eiling, do it 3D

    August 20, 2009 at 10:46 pm
  4. Pet

    So full of emotion kar this movie? Can watch cartoon till cry…oh oh! I think I will cry too, if I watch :-)

    August 21, 2009 at 4:21 am
  5. Myhorng

    yeah. some did cried.

    August 22, 2009 at 1:49 am

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