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During the Hari Raya long holiday break, I rejected the Tambun Lost World waterpark outing suggested by Suanie after road trip down South to Sinkapola (Singapore) failed. However, I did meet up with them in Tambun Penang instead for seafood dinner after their session in Tambun Ipoh. Both Tambun basically are approximately 130km apart. It [...]


Wanted to write something about this post but now it’s kinda empty… just nothing came out. So just check out the pictures will do will ya? The progress and scenery of sunset Beautiful’s Georgetwon The golden moment Transformation I just simply love this photo lights on Time to move on with the journey. All pictures [...]


My 4th concert of the year and there is still one quarter to go for 2009. A crazy year for me indeed. Not even 4 concerts in the past 4 years but this year alone I went to four of them. I was a bit kampung (bumpkin country boy) wondering how the hell a concert [...]

It was coincident that I had fun at Hard Rock Cafe Penang on their opening night. It all started from a random thought I twitted as below. It was the right move that I drove back late afternoon on Hari Raya Eve and got into least traffic jam for such festive. 5 hours drive (normally 3.5 [...]


Again an overdue post. drag drag drag… and now here it is. There was this Lenovo All-in-One PC event held in The Apartment at The Curve end of August. Many media friends was there too. All with DSLR yang canggih cangih One. I was a bit reluctant to turn on my flash while taking photos ended [...]

Somewhere end of last month, Rebecca invited me for a food review session together with Suanie and KY. I got to know it is a Taiwanese style Chinese restaurant located approximately a kilometer away from our house. Taken after the meal. Ordinary outlook, awesome serving We were served with Fresh Lemon AiYu Jelly to wash [...]


What kind of charity will be better than having it while partying? Twestival of course. Last weekend was the first ever twestival local for Kuala Lumpur and I’m glad that I was part of the night. No idea what’s Twestival KL means or what it does? Ok, go check out what Suanie says about it [...]

One fine afternoon, Kim asked us for dinner at Frontera and without hesitation, I accepted since I dine there once and it was kinda good. I was expecting the usual gang to be there but ended up only me, Kim and Shaolintiger. Without 2nd thought, we ordered all the dishes recomended by the owner Larry [...]


Malam Tumpang Glamour

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Last Saturday night was a night with funny identity, ‘Malam Tumpang Glamour’. Other than the date, location and detail was announced very the last minute. To my surprise, it was held in a tattoo studio named Inked Tattoo Studio. Everybody was suppose to attend the party with these, 1. moustache, 2. Name card, 3. Old newspaper and [...]

To begin the 2nd morning, I steered over to transfer road, parallel to main thoroughfare Penang road, between the turnoffs to Hutton lane and Argyll road there is an anonymous open-air stall that serves possibly the best breakfast in town which I wrote in detail previously. Don’t be alarmed by its rickety appearance, the roti [...]


District 9

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Being in a multiracial country, I would say, we’ve been doing well keeping harmony in the country intact despite few idiotic incidents by imbeciles that might jeopardize the goodwill we have as part of the society. Is it true there is a barbarian in us that basically wants to eliminate dissimilarity in either tangible or [...]


Pampering Yourself With Ogawa

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Back to those days when I worked in China, went for a decent massage was always one of the best things to do after a tiring day. You may easily found foot reflexology parlor all around China with pretty reasonable price but I prefer full body massage anytime with slightly more to pay for. Such [...]


What Dream Means To You?

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On this lazy prolonged holiday’s morning (thanks to car’s alternator and rainy morning which drenched me during biking to work, ended up on EL), I received a FB message from someone I respect a lot. A teacher who taught me during primary school sent me this. Partial of the message 一般人都渴求美梦,害怕噩梦。通常我们印象最深的梦,是早上醒来前那个最长的梦境。我个人的经验,深刻的美梦或噩梦会给我带来启示或预兆。。。梦有宣泄与安抚、鼓励的功能,我们得学习做梦中的主人。。。平常清醒时,当我们遇到不愿面对的事情,为了让心灵不受伤害,我们会利用防卫机构把不安的情绪压抑下来。我们之所以做噩梦,就是要宣泄不安的压抑,再次面对自己的心理冲突。。。梦是绝对坦白的,不像清醒时我们反而戴著面具生活;梦坦白地把内心最私密的愿望或个性表达无遗。 Translation Most of us [...]