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Malaysia, 43rd most populated country in the world with multiracial population. Most of the time we live peacefully among races by showing a lot of respects and tolerances to one and another. The best part to live in such a country is, we get to celebrate and enjoy the holidays granted from new year celebration [...]


Just blog about tsunami that might kills thousands and millions of people if we take everything the ‘tidak apa’ (ignorance) way. Ancient Mayan has this legendary catastrophic prophecies spread that 2012 will be the end of the world. What could be worst than the end of the world?  Now, what if you gotta know in advance [...]


Tsunami of Haeundae

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Plan for routine ball hitting session screwed by unusual heavy traffic on LDP after dinner time. Made a U-turn and drove to Tropicana Mall instead. Bought a ticket, Tsunami was the soonest screening and the movie starts 5 mins after I reached the cinema. No waiting down time at all. How nice right? With the [...]

2 weeks ago, there was this most talk about Arthur’s Day in aligned with Guinness’s 250th celebration. Malaysia was the lucky host for Asia Pacific region.  I knew it’s going to be jam pack, hot and whatever but there are a lot of the people I know is going. Therefore, care not, Sunway Lagoon I [...]