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Due to my job nature, I need to travel quite frequent. This year has been slow so far until lately. Yesterday was kind of tragic at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, MAS check-in counter 5 refused to proceed with my check-in. Lately, all my flight tickets purchases were done online and I normal don’t print [...]


Life Is Short 2012

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Mount Everest Independence Day + Dante’s Peak + The Day After Tomorrow + The Perfect Storm + Titanic = 2012 CGI special effect was awesome, breathtaking and intense. If you gonna tell me that there will be something worst than what shown in 2012, my imagination sector in my brain going to report error error error~. [...]


The Day We Show Respect To The Death

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Had an early BKT brunch on a lovely Sunday morning leaving fair a bit of spare time to relax and basically doing nothing. While exploring my photo archive, the pictures of recent Tomb Sweeping Day captured my eyes. It has been a tradition since 2500 years back that QingMing Festival was set as an opportunity for us to [...]


Akon Live with Chivalry @ Sunway

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When most of the famous bloggers were out of town attending Grammy Awards Nuffnang Awards down at Singapore, me on the other hand invited for Akon Freedom Beach Concert 09 by Chivas. There is no other beach to held a concert in KL other than Sunway surf beach for this awesome invites. This year alone I was [...]

Did anyone see spider web here? Almost hitting 3 weeks with nothing was updated. Lately, truly madly deeply FML when it comes to WORK!. Work always sucks isn’t it? If you are in doubt with my statement, then you must be the luckiest person on the planet and please continue doing whatever you do now [...]