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To visitor or those who work outside of Penang , stepping on the island of food means starting a food spree. As for me, I’m not so into filling up my tummy with all the yummy hawker’s food (eat every 2 hours) but rather meet up with friends for some talk kok session. Last 2 [...]

Ohhh dear, my last post was posted almost two weeks ago and since then, I’m in procrastination mode until… NOW.   Everything seems to be sluggish as if an old snail having evening walk at it’s  own sweet time. I just felt tired and not in mood all the time but couldn’t be certain if [...]


Yesterday dinner was great. We were invited for a dinner and beer tasting session by Craft Brews located at Mutiara Damansara. Thanks to HsuJen for the invites and in the invitation email they have this quote, “Our food is seriously non-halal” which I like best. LOL. The place is kinda cozy with more open-air hangout spaces [...]

Few months back, a bunch of people got together & somehow or rather love to eat. Eventually, they name themselves #porkgang. I still find the name kinda weird actually. However, the name tells everything. Many of them loves pork so much as if life is meaningless without it. We used to meet up only for [...]