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I believe we’ve all either intentionally or accidentally hummed, mumbled, beatboxed, making all sort of sound out of our mouth to either mimicking our favorite melodies or just some simply random tunes. With Munchy’s Mimic to the Muzic Contest, you will be able to utilize this amazing skill of you to win impressive prizes. What you need [...]

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit a few famous Italian cities after I finished my studies. I remember the 1st city we stopped was a beautiful historical city, Florence before headed to Pisa for the must see Leaning Tower. The quest on Italiano soil continued down South to the magnificent capital of [...]


Who Says Joke Isn’t Beneficial?

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I believe we all know that laughter is the best medicine, but in what way? It is believe that laughter relaxes our body and releases endorphins which boosts the immune system hence, keep you healthy. Endorphins also keep you high, I mean happy and it makes you do silly things like what we did on [...]

I was suppose to be in Bali during May but plan screwed and this is how Air Asia get richer with every low fare promotion they launched. I was not in total disappointment as I will get to save the money I’m going to spend during the trip by burning the air ticket. OK, never mind, [...]