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I believe we’ve all either intentionally or accidentally hummed, mumbled, beatboxed, making all sort of sound out of our mouth to either mimicking our favorite melodies or just some simply random tunes. With Munchy’s Mimic to the Muzic Contest, you will be able to utilize this amazing skill of you to win impressive prizes.

What you need to do is apply your imagination and creativeness mimicking the MUZIC Wafer Jingle in your own unique way. Video recorded it and make sure there is at least one type of MUZIC Wafer Pack as shown below. Not to forget, nothing more than 30 sec OK !!!

Now, get your hard work uploaded to Mimic to the MUZIC Contest site before 5th August 2010 and stand a chance to win some desirable prizes.

Someone told me not to procrastinate this post while I was having my dinner and I’m done with it. So, what are you waiting for? Get your lips moving and camcorder rolling like NOW.

Please do visit http://www.munchysmuzic.com/ for more information.

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