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After tragic yet amazing day 1, 2nd day we started with the only shore dive in Moalboal, Umbrella. This place has a plane wreck. Yup, not very impressing. Took a picture on it and proceeded further exploring the slopes. This is the place for macro (small) stuff which generated my interest for it. Those big fishes like Manta Ray, Shark etc, you need to be lucky to see them but for macro, not only you need to be lucky, you must know how and where to find it. That’s the tricky part. On top of that, in order to capture nice macro pictures, I believe buoyancy skills does take it’s share.

2nd morning dive after 50mins rest took place at White Beach. This is typical Moalboal dive, wall dive. No matter which dive spot we dived, its always full of fishes. We stopped by on a spot for almost 5mins checking out a turtle who hide itself into a hole on the wall. I was wondering why my dive master stayed there for so long until I was explained in later stage that he was afraid that the turtle will get stuck in it and drown. Yes, turtle will drown if it gets stuck.

Plane wreck | School of fishes | Lion Fish | Marine life | Coral | Wart Nudi | Turtle

This is my 1st satisfy’s close up macro shot. It was not easy at all for a newbie like me. The moving soft coral and the escaping shrimp… however, it was fun and I started to love the challenges macro photography.

My 1st macro shrimp

The visibility was so much better compare to the 1st day. Tiny little colorful fishes surrounding the coral make it a beautiful scenery to look at. So relaxing by looking at it.

1 huge aquarium full of fishes

I later on found out the turtle we were observing is endangered Hawksbill Turtle. It was so near to me that I could actually touch it but I’m not allow to.

Before Dive, me putting on glove.

DM : No glove. we are not touching anything.

Me : ohh okay….

Hawksbill Turtle with spiky shell

As you may know, I travel solo for this diving trip and other than diving, where I will have the DM as my buddy, I was alone most of the time. Therefore, what I can do during meal were tweeting which ended up got boycotted by #porkgang. They said I was tantalizing them. :(

Most of the meal I had. Surprisingly all of them were yummy

Ohh by the way, did I mentioned that I have the whole boat to myself? 1 boatman and 1 dive master serves only ME. who said travel solo ain’t good? Cebu Dive diving center didn’t charge me additional for being a single diver.

My French Dive Master

Towards the end of the trip, the water got back to its usual crystal clear. While having my last meal at the restaurant by the shore, a lobster trying to commit suicide by moving too close to the shore. Of course, it ended up in the kitchen. A Gwailou bought it from the Filipino who caught it.

Crystal clear water with a commit suicidal lobster

My camera was run out of battery when my last dive at Talisay. That’s also the dive that I saw the most. So now I will make sure my camera is properly charge for my every dive.

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  1. KY

    man that lobster looks good!

    October 25, 2010 at 12:08 pm

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