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Months back, I was invited for an Italian food review session from @missyblurkit together with the rest. Every time I look at the pictures, procrastinating in progress.  There is nothing wrong with either the pictures or the taste but the amount instead.

We were told that there will be 5 types of serving for the night. What we didn’t know was, each types consist of several different dishes. The samples of food for this review were simply overgenerous.

Let’s starts…

The usual starter when doing Italian. Baked bread Vinaigrette

The salads served were more than enough for a 10 pax buffet line. From top, Caesar Salad with cheese, eggs and Tuna Salads. Seafood Salad does means SEAFOOD. The one on the bottom left, Caprese was quite an interesting serving. Fresh mozzarella cheese, which is something new to my taste buds.

Vege sticks, cheese platter came with all sorts of crushed fruits preserve and honey. Now, explaining how the cheese taste like is something really hard and out of my vocabulary. You just need to try it for yourselves. However, it was really pleasant and yes, including the blue cheese.  Some claim that blue cheese is something you either love it or hate it. To me, neither.

Baked eggplant stuffed with mozzarella cheese was also something new to me. The combination and the way of preparing it was kinda weird to me but it does taste good.

When it comes to main course, spaghetti is something mandatory. You may see how many types we sampled from the pictures below. Among them, I love the Spinach papardella the most. I like the pastas served in thick sticky and creamy sauce. As for Risotto, I prefer the one I had in Silver Spoon with stronger aroma of mushroom.

Black ravioli with Salmon Sauce | Spinach pappardella pasta  | Baked gnocchi

Seafood marinara | Cappelletti pasta | Mushroom risotto

Sample of EVERYTHING !!!

If you think that’s all for main course like what we did, you are definitely wrong. There were more, more, more and more. We were done with carbohydrate (spaghetti), and lets move to protein. There were mixed grill from beef, mutton, to seafood such as prawns, squids and fish. The really cheesie cheesy thin aloha pizza was big enough to be my armour. Nonetheless, the awesome ONE whole kilogram of T-bone steak which is big enough to cover my whole ugly face was tender and succulent.

Thin pizza | Mixed seafood grill | 1kg T-bone

Grill marinated lamp chops | Tenderloin | Deep fried seafood & vege | Mixed grill

And finally… DESSERTS thank god.

I think I’m not able to describe how good or which was better now as what I can remember was, everyone was just fighting over them. Check out Suanie’s post and you will know why. Seriously, they were good. If I need to choose only one, Chocolate lava with vanilla ice-cream will be it. However, the Tiramisu was lack of alcohol flavor for some reason.

Creme brulee | Apple cake with ice-cream | Tiramisu | Affogato | Chocolate lava with ice-cream

That’s not all YET… the chef decided to pour us some chocolate liquor and explained that this is a breakfast drink for Italian. It was a pre-mixed chocolate with vodka (suppose to be some 90% alcohol which only available in Italy) that flows sleekly down the throat, excellent.

This post is the record for been sitting in the draft folder for forever. It’s finally DONE now. 3 weeks no Italian cuisine for me. Overwhelmed again. Overall, the food were great. However, not the cheapest to eat. But for the portion, location and quality. It does make your money worth spending.

KY | Haze | Kimberlycun | Shaolintiger | Marcky | Suanie | were there & almost killed by food together with me.

Trattoria Cucina Italiana, KL
Wisma Rohas Perkasa, No. 8 Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2163 2368
GPS: 3.15485, 101.708711
Website: www.trattoriaasia.com

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  1. KY

    this was definitely too much food dot com but was a good session!

    October 12, 2010 at 7:28 pm
  2. ShaolinTiger

    Finally an update…I feel full again after reading this post.

    October 12, 2010 at 8:53 pm
  3. Marcky

    Seriously transported me back to the D-day. Really comatose from all that food that night. For a big eater like me to admit defeat, really damn kao a lot lor…

    October 12, 2010 at 9:41 pm
  4. Myhorng

    KY, yes. i dunwan to eat that much EVER!!

    ST, that’s one of the reason why this post took so long to appear.

    Marcky, dun remind me pls. hehehe.

    October 12, 2010 at 9:48 pm
  5. suanie

    feeling damn full again, but i want to eat the buffalo mozzarella cheese!

    October 12, 2010 at 11:27 pm
  6. kimberlycun

    omg..i can’t believe we ate ALL that food!

    October 13, 2010 at 10:32 pm
  7. Myhorng

    Kim, scary isnt it? LOL

    October 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

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