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I never like Guinness until I tried it during the Merry Guinness invite by ST and Kim at Deutsches Gasthaus. From then onwards, I’m one of the small contributor to GAB’s profit. To be honest, not all the Guinness I drank is good. Some of them been watered down and some of them could be kinda bitter but there are some good one out there depends on which outlets you went to. I’m not sure if by lower down the alcohol % enhanced the whole Guinness experience but well, who cares as long as its good. Guinness is definitely one of my favour drink as for now.

If you wonder where to get the best Guinness in town, I believe the answer would be the place it has been brewed. Tavern, which access is only by invitation, a heavenly drinking place located inside GAB itself seems to be getting very good feedback from those who visited. After years of waiting, the moment has arise when Suanie asked me to join her for the Oktoberfest held in it. *Happy*

GAB Tavern and the liquid serves in it

The bar counter has only draught tabs and without any sort of cash registration machine. What does this means? Everything is FREE OF CHARGE. What could be more awesome right?

Bar Counter Can’t Find Cash Register

I got to understand that a good pint of Guinness doesn’t only rely  on how it has been brewed but also how it is pour from the tab. The two-part of the surge and settle pour is important part of serving.

Filling the glass with black liquid

All the drink served in small glass instead of the full pint we usually served with in normal pub. I like it this way as it won’t get too warm for my final sip before getting a new drink. I’m not too sure if it’s because of the freshness that really lifted the sense of roasty sweetness from the Guinness I had there. It was really good.

No doubt the best Guinness in town

  Even for a person like Eyeris who is really detail when comes to his drink (except Johnny Walker) loves the Guinness and Kilkenny here.

Sign Language showing “FUCKING Good”

On top of Guinness, the Kilkenny here is also top of the notch. In fact, I like the Kilkenny here more than the Guinness. The reason being, I’m still able to taste some really awesome Guinness during the Guinness event but I hardly come across any Kilkenny’s event invites so far.

Glowing Kilkenny

Last but not least, we were there for Oktoberfest remember? There were few Oktoberfest chicks around but they were not serving your beer. Get your own beer or tap your own beer if you want. The band played some original Oktoberfest songs and nothing beat Beyond’s 海阔天空 (Hai Kuo Tian Kong). I must said it’s weird to have this on Oktoberfest event but this is not a complaint. It was the highlight of the night actually when everyone went nuts singing along. Awesome experience. Thanks GAB and Thank you Suanie.

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  1. KY

    best Guinness money can’t buy!

    November 18, 2011 at 3:26 pm
  2. suanie

    freaking best pub ever

    December 4, 2011 at 3:27 am

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