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Where to start, how to start, what to start in this post? I need to get this written before the end of the year before I even started with my recent Koh Lipe trip. Procrastinating is never a good idea.

Well, my very 1st dive trip for 2011 was a 3D/2N getaway to Lang Tengah in conjunction to Derek’s (aka moobs) open water certification.  As usual, we traveled from KL middle of the night in order to catch the early ferry to the island.

On ferry with our gears & drinks (Celine’s holding)

The island was kinda quiet during our arrival until the next day where a few families appeared and checked in. It’s still nevertheless a very peaceful island compare to the nearby famous Redang Island which has more resort and visitor. Lang Tengah reminds me of Redang 15 years back when I 1st visit. Let us see how long it takes to turn Lang Tengah into another Redang Island.

The resort, a rather simple jetty and the dining section in the evening (food sucks tho)

Diving was basically the main reason we were there and this was the place where we geared up. If you still uncertain if to take up diving and concern about the safety etc, check out the wall of the dive center.

“There was a time when sex was safe and diving is dangerous”

The very 1st dive was a shore dive where moobs performing the certification requirement. Mask clearing, take out the regulator, take out BCD etc with his fishman instructor, Edvin, who is also my instructor. The visibility was not exactly the ideal case or it was just caused by sand storm created by the newbie?

Moobs performing his certification requirement

Stereotyped my instructor pretty well isn’t it? Need to learn his breathing too

Remember I lost my camera at Pulau Aur? So this was my very 1st dive without a camera since my certification. Diving is never the same without a CAMERA!!!!

KY passed me his video console (I do not know what it’s called) so that I have something to play with on the subsequent dives. Most of the videos were too dark and noisy except one of it where I manage to capture a weird fish swam between us in lighting speed yet maneuver like and eel. None of us know the name of the fish. Even Ed who did few thousand dives never seen such a species.

Me with small ass video console and a torch

The best encounter of the trip was this leopard shark almost the size as big as me. That creature was resting on the sandy seabed until Terence created an earthquake to scare it away. However, because of this, KY managed to take a every nice shot of it taking off and swam away from us.

My first leopard shark (picture taken by KY)

I puked again (being something very normal when I dive) after my 4th dives and I couldn’t remember what’s wrong with me. Decided to skip my last dive to get some rest before the dinner.

On our way back to the island and ended my dive for this trip

We were told that there were filming on the island and the pink color hut was still there when we arrived.  The movie was showing on all the cinema not too long ago and lucky it was not as good selling as Mo Mo Tea that basically commercialized Redang Island.

夏日乐悠悠》or Summer Love You You

Went under the jetty trying to be artistic (not very successful)

Some kids having fun on the beach and the wind was strong

Sunset view on the beach just in front of the resort

I was lying down on the sandy beach directly until thunderstorm approached

When the night comes, drinking seems to be the only activity available especially when thunderstorm was covering the entire place. We manage to make few friends and we finished the whole bottle of Jägermeister making Jäger bomb. Moobs got hyper from it and Joe was helping by giving moobs a deep throat. Result was effective. Puke immediately!!! LOL

Joe Deep Throat-ed Derek (aka Fooi aka Moobs)

Just checkout how big the mosquito is

 Time to go back to reality

Ed | KY | Me | God | Dar | Moobs


Dive up to post : 31

1st deep dive on this trip.



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  1. KY

    hahaha moobs puking mad, that was some funny shit for sure.

    December 7, 2011 at 2:04 pm
  2. ShaolinTiger

    Best island doctor EVAR!

    December 7, 2011 at 9:00 pm
  3. Terenceg

    hahahah…Moobs will never forget that remedy.

    btw bro, you should go to ENT and get it checked on ur puking.

    at SMC, there’s this doctor Arun (he’s ENT specialist) and also diver and he can diagnose your dive-puke problem effectively

    December 12, 2011 at 11:28 am

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