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Good morning from the central of Bali, Ubud after a good night sleep. The scenery from the balcony was not really spectacular but very relaxing indeed.

Padi field just beside the hotel

After breakfast at the hotel, we rented a bike for 2 days and begins the journey to the north east of Bali, Mount Batur. Suanie & FA hiked during their trip for it’s sunrise. KY & Haze did a roadtrip as well and told me it’s mandatory to make a trip up north. Since we will be in Ubud for 2 nights, I planned a long distance roadtrip for the very 1st day.

Day 1 planned and ready to go

On the way to Kintamani, we saw this rice terraces just after Tegalalang. The greenery was really breathtaking. As we still have a long way to go, we didn’t stopover for too long before we continue the journey.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

We had no problem finding our way to Kintamani because it’s just one single direction, go straight, straight, straight and straight. However, we got stopped by Polisi (police) on a roadblock checking for driving license. The officers were friendly after I showed them my driving license and told them I’m from Malaysia. 5 mins after that, we came to this view after paying Rp 25k at a watch station.

Mount Batur, Kintamani

The view was splendid with highland temperature. We were lucky it didn’t rain as shown on forecast. From Monkey Forest Street, it took us approximately an hour to reach here.

Altimeter on my watch showed 1,376m

Camwhoring with the volcano

In order to view mount batur and the lake from a different perspective, we ride all the way down to Jalan Trunyan which follow the perimeter of Danau Batur lake. The road is super narrow with lots of lorries transporting the volcanic sands.

Traffic Jam only because a car break down. Road is too damn narrow dy.

Vegetables farm along the Danau Batur lakeside

Mount Batur in different perspective

We were approached by the local, offered to bring us to the local cemetery and traditional canoeing on the Danau Batur lake. I think we do look like easy prey to them. Really damn a lot of con men around.

Dark clouds moving in slowly and off we go continuing our journey to the next destination, Mother Temple of Besakih. On the very 1st junction, sixth sense told me I should turn to the 1st turning which is a slop going up hill but quick analytic lead me choose the straight road going down hill. This mistakes caused us additional 30km distance I reckon. We were happy riding without noticing the mistake I did until it’s too late. However, along the way, we did came across some interesting spot like this one.

Nice dragon guarding the entrance of Pura Dhangkayangan

Just as we reached our destination, the dark clouds which has been following us finally can’t hold much longer and pour heavily. We rent our umbrella for Rp10k (can get it at Rp5k or less) then stopped for lunch at one of the warung while waiting for the rain to stop. We ordered Soto Ayam & Nasi Goreng. We can’t finish either of them. Not entirely bad just not as appetizing to us.

Rp 40k for these. Expensive.

So it did rain heavily as forecast

The rain gave us approximately 30mins to rest before it stops. As usual, there’s a guide approached us. He told us we are not allow to proceed further other than the main square without a local guide as there are areas that’s forbidden to random visitor. We negotiated to Rp30k which I think is reasonable but I gave him Rp40k at the end as he was doing a good job explaining quite a bit to us.

When we were at the ticket counter, they offered a guide that will cost us USD20 which I refused to pay. Lucky I’m not as stupid.

Mother Temple of Besakih

View from top of the staircases

9 Roofs towels (max is 11 roofs)

Traditional Musical Instruments

Uncle Sunny is up and shinning, umbrella got abandoned and business continue as usual on the other merchandises.

The colorful umbrella that helps the local make some quick $$

She’s going home and so did we

Thing doesn’t always goes according to plan. Without the help of GPS, the planned route got diverted and we ended up riding through many rural villages by asking around with little help of Google map which didn’t work properly at those areas we were at. This was the only time that I’m glad that I do speak Malay.

Riding back from Besakih to Ubud was another long ass journey that really hurts our butts. We stopped by Goa Gajah on our way back which I will post later. This entry is getting far too long for consumption.

The actual routes

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    nobody offered us anything when we were there, maybe we looked too much like indon liao. lol

    March 1, 2012 at 9:21 am

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