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Do you always plan your holiday trip? Some will prepare thoroughly but there are people who doesn’t wants to frame it with all these planning. I’ve been asking around and did a lot of research before my Bali trip. Accommodation and itinerary has been planned but we have neglected the food portion. We basically just tried our luck when it comes to meal.

Bebek Bengil aka Dirty Duck was the only place we purposely went and look for it. KY and the gang suggested in the #porkgang chatroom that I should try out this place and we did.

Dirty Duck Restaurant Ubud

We have no idea how’s the place look like until we were there. The whole restaurant was nicely designed. With padi field at the middle of the restaurant, it’s still very classy. Too bad that we arrived around 8.30pm which was quite dark and late, hence not able to have a good look at the surrounding. I would suggest lunch or visit during early evening if you want to give this place a try.

They have this sort of authentic dining area which is kinda cool

We didn’t occupied this spot of the restaurant although we were led by the waitress towards it. We decided to dine at the opposite with normal dining setup as below.

Normal dining area

We ordered 2 main course and 2 beverages. The bill turn out to be Rp 270k. The price is rather on the high side but I’m willing to pay as the food were good and the restaurant setup was really nice.

The famous crispy duck. We were surprised by it’s size. Looks like an underage duck (duckling) to me. It’s roasted or perhaps oven baked until it’s really cripsy and you can even chew on its bones. Yes, this was how crunchy it was, yet you may still enjoy the tender meat hid under the crispy skin. Personally, I like it a lot.

Crispy Duck

What really makes the duck standout apart from its crispiness were the gravies. The distinctive taste of each and every sauce served indeed enhanced the flavor of this dish.

The Awesomesauces (I like the one on the right. It has strong balacan flavor)

By trying to avoid ordering anything to do with duck, this was what happened. I’ve no idea why I ordered this. Not to say that it’s not nice but why seafood in middle of padi field. You know what I mean right? It’s just not matching at all. Nevertheless, it was still pretty delicious but nothing to shout about.

Seafood Platter

Noming the bones

If you so happened to visit Ubud in Bali, I would really suggest this place as they served good food under nice environment but a bit pricey. Nonetheless, it’s still kinda worth paying it.

Click on the image for larger view or click here for the official Webpage

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  1. KY

    i miss the duck, and yah, seafood is a bit awkward at that surrounding. then again ppl eat seafood steamboat at Cameron highland too

    March 21, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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