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Akon Live with Chivalry @ Sunway

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When most of the famous bloggers were out of town attending Grammy Awards Nuffnang Awards down at Singapore, me on the other hand invited for Akon Freedom Beach Concert 09 by Chivas. There is no other beach to held a concert in KL other than Sunway surf beach for this awesome invites. This year alone I was [...]

2 weeks ago, there was this most talk about Arthur’s Day in aligned with Guinness’s 250th celebration. Malaysia was the lucky host for Asia Pacific region.  I knew it’s going to be jam pack, hot and whatever but there are a lot of the people I know is going. Therefore, care not, Sunway Lagoon I [...]


My 4th concert of the year and there is still one quarter to go for 2009. A crazy year for me indeed. Not even 4 concerts in the past 4 years but this year alone I went to four of them. I was a bit kampung (bumpkin country boy) wondering how the hell a concert [...]

The concerts odyssey finally came to an end after tongue twisting Jason Mraz, Powerful AMeiZing and now the rocking Britz Oasis. On top of QingMing back in hometown and the Nuffnang event, the travelling down south was one of the main contributions to the 1720km weekend mileage. We almost missed the concert even though the [...]

3 hours 15 minutes nonstop astonishing performance, 10,800 audiences, and 27 songs with 2 of them were medley, filling up National Stadium Bukit Jalil on 20th March 2009’s evening. The aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer Zhang HuiMei (张惠妹), in short A-Mei (阿妹) or aboriginal name Gulilai Amit (古歷來·阿蜜特) heated everyone with her superb singing and performance [...]


What makes you go for a concert? There were a few for me so far. I’ve been to Beyond’s concert many years back when I was still in secondary (yeah, still the group of 4 before the lead singer decided to test out how hard his head comparing to a solid floor and apparently, he [...]


4.30am 04 March 2009

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Again, woke up in the middle of the ‘silent’ night. Got myself up and thinking what is wrong with me lately. Would it be the pressure from work which not likely to be? Would it be the all the bad irrecoverable incident latterly? Or might it be me getting old enough to sleep less? This [...]