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Mentioned on my previous post that we stopped at Goa Gajah on our way back to Ubud’s hotel after a long ride. This UNESCO World Heritage is one of the most visited location in Bali after Tanah Lot. Perhaps, that’s the reason why there are many blood sucker guides awaiting to suck you dry. OK, [...]

Why are we not given 15 days of holiday celebrating the most important cultural festival for Chinese? Why modern days responsibility caused the 15 days celebration limited to only two official days off? Mentally, physically I still not prepare to start working on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. Official holiday should last till [...]


The Day We Show Respect To The Death

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Had an early BKT brunch on a lovely Sunday morning leaving fair a bit of spare time to relax and basically doing nothing. While exploring my photo archive, the pictures of recent Tomb Sweeping Day captured my eyes. It has been a tradition since 2500 years back that QingMing Festival was set as an opportunity for us to [...]