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If you are bored with the normal beer selections, move your ass now and drop by Brussels Beer Cafe and order a Grimbergen. I personally think you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, I’m not a beer kind of person. I think I will get drunk with beer easier than any other alcoholic drink. Just [...]

Did anyone see spider web here? Almost hitting 3 weeks with nothing was updated. Lately, truly madly deeply FML when it comes to WORK!. Work always sucks isn’t it? If you are in doubt with my statement, then you must be the luckiest person on the planet and please continue doing whatever you do now [...]


Again an overdue post. drag drag drag… and now here it is. There was this Lenovo All-in-One PC event held in The Apartment at The Curve end of August. Many media friends was there too. All with DSLR yang canggih cangih One. I was a bit reluctant to turn on my flash while taking photos ended [...]


What kind of charity will be better than having it while partying? Twestival of course. Last weekend was the first ever twestival local for Kuala Lumpur and I’m glad that I was part of the night. No idea what’s Twestival KL means or what it does? Ok, go check out what Suanie says about it [...]


Pampering Yourself With Ogawa

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Back to those days when I worked in China, went for a decent massage was always one of the best things to do after a tiring day. You may easily found foot reflexology parlor all around China with pretty reasonable price but I prefer full body massage anytime with slightly more to pay for. Such [...]

I always consider myself a cheap drinker when it comes to alcohol. You need not pay much to get me to the happy heavenly wonderland. There are many different ways we appreciate our drinks and the worst I came across was the period I worked in mainland China. Other than forcing me to drink like [...]

It was another eventful weekend despite the excessive mileage, there was this very 1st major Nuffnang party in Malaysia for 2009 took place at the Maison in KL. It was the very 1st invites I got from Nuffnang and no way was I going to waste it by going alone. So I got Putri as [...]

It will be an eventful weekend ahead. I’ll need to be in Penang for QingMing (Tomb Sweeping Day) on this Saturday and will be going down to Singapore for another Concert the next day. I’ve been in dilemma if to attend the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 since it will be held on the 4th April’s [...]

Be there – 090109 @ 7pm and yes we were there, for the launching of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. OK, not exactly 7pm sharp, come on, this is KL and how could we who work outside KL city going to reach Pavilion on time for the event? Ya Ya, lame excuses I know. I drove [...]