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Category Archives: Local Delights

I went to this place for dinner few days ago and found something interesting on the menu. Me and KY planned to have some talk while breakie, hence this was the place we went to 2 hours ago. Ordered what I wanted to order from the menu and it turns out to be quite awesome. [...]


Thinking of what to have for dinner is somehow rather a routine kind of thing which looks simple but often crack up the brain. The Blue color D sign with a yellow crown logo captured my sight every single time I drop by SS2 and finally today, I decided to give it a try. It [...]

This site has been neglected for quite some time and as the result me got screwed upside down, front and back, top and bottom, right and left by some of my fellow #porkgang. I promise I’ll blog more often, ok. First of all, since today is the very 1st day of Chinese New Year, let [...]