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Category Archives: Golfing

Few months back, a bunch of people got together & somehow or rather love to eat. Eventually, they name themselves #porkgang. I still find the name kinda weird actually. However, the name tells everything. Many of them loves pork so much as if life is meaningless without it. We used to meet up only for [...]


Since it was a Friday nite without any plan scheduled, KY and I was thinking of going for another round of night golfing after we had it on Tuesday night this week. The crowd was so different from weekend’s morning or afternoon session. We initially have to thought of try playing on the ground floor [...]


Golfing, it sound to some people that it’s a rich-man game. But to those who knows, golfing is no longer sound like it used to be. In driving range, 100 balls for training will only cost you RM10.00 ONLY. Hence, small potatoes like us get to learn up this game also. Should try change mamak [...]