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Today I came across this statistical survey from The Star. Not too much on the finding but the measurement towards the results of the survey. Part of the survey linked to the level of erection hardness or they call it with some super glamour name, Erection Hardness Score (EHS). Environment Health & Safety (also EHS) [...]


Day of Flying Shoes

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You can be a national Hero by throwing a pair of shoes. This was the incident in a conference in Baghdad while Bush pays a farewell visit on Sunday. A journalist who is now a hero to alot of people thrown a pair of shoes on Bush but unfortunately missed. on top of that, he [...]


Some lucky us may come across accident just in front of our eyes. What basically you going to do? take photo? clap your hand, open you mouth and eyes widely, get amazed, congest the traffic by slowing down (and watch obviously), place a helping hand etc. This is what I come across this morning on [...]