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My job need me to travel for a bit and it also needs me to look proper in office attire. During business trip, most of the time, I’ll need to have argument with hotel over iron request. Last week, I was in Bangkok and I was staying in this hotel name Bangkok Resort. Ok, don’t [...]


Who Says Joke Isn’t Beneficial?

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I believe we all know that laughter is the best medicine, but in what way? It is believe that laughter relaxes our body and releases endorphins which boosts the immune system hence, keep you healthy. Endorphins also keep you high, I mean happy and it makes you do silly things like what we did on [...]


My ‘Engrish’ Very ‘Powderful’

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3 days more, we Malaysian shall celebrate 52 years of Merdeka (Independence). I’m always glad to be a Malaysian when it comes to our ability in dealing with languages. On top of being able to read, write and speak on 3 major languages, Malay, Engrish English, and Chinese, dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese and [...]


Name – Why "Horny"

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Name, such an ordinary term yet so important to almost everyone and everything in this world. Please tell me who or even what on earth do not have a name? I’m not able to even come out with one. Everything needs a label to distinguish one from another although it might be similar one on [...]


Women Driver Don’t Get Offended

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Few months back I came across a lady driver who stopped her car in the middle of the road that allowed only 1 car to slip through. When I drove toward and finally positioning my car face to face with hers, she didn’t seem to be moving her car away. I wound down my window, [...]


The Usage Of Internet

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After my previous EHS survey post, I found out that someone actually link up my post to his. It actually contributes some traffic pit stop. Maybe should it be call passing by without stopping at all because most of them stop by ‘zero’ second. Instead of seeing what they searching for, they only found some [...]


Today I came across this statistical survey from The Star. Not too much on the finding but the measurement towards the results of the survey. Part of the survey linked to the level of erection hardness or they call it with some super glamour name, Erection Hardness Score (EHS). Environment Health & Safety (also EHS) [...]



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Buffet, this term is no stranger to basically everyone who is able to grab their own food. However, how many of you know buffet can actually put into 4 different types? Random Buffet Picture One Take the things you want from the line, stall etc and get to pay end of the day base on [...]


We are always unique as ourselves. Every individual will think, behave, and act differently. These differences will be substantially stood out when it comes to the way men and women think. Obviously, the differences make us attract to each other and have argument in a later part for the same reason. Life is full of [...]

There are reasons why we shouldn’t use software with beta version. Apparently, the outcome will be more severe if you are dealing with language translation. One of reason illustrate perfectly on the picture taken in one of the restaurant I had my dinner in China. Picture shown to a supplier of mine from US and [...]


Day of Flying Shoes

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You can be a national Hero by throwing a pair of shoes. This was the incident in a conference in Baghdad while Bush pays a farewell visit on Sunday. A journalist who is now a hero to alot of people thrown a pair of shoes on Bush but unfortunately missed. on top of that, he [...]