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Ever since I’ve moved down to KL, I’ve been occupying a room in KY‘s house. I used to stay in the middle room where the window is  facing the dinning area but I’m using the last room now. The room takes up 7ft by 11.5ft in space. In other word, it’s not very big. With [...]

It’s end of the year and as usual, it’s time to celebrate and party. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, family and you who is reading a joyous holiday and a happy prosperity new year ahead. In alignment with the festive season, streets, malls, merchant etc will usual put [...]

My job need me to travel for a bit and it also needs me to look proper in office attire. During business trip, most of the time, I’ll need to have argument with hotel over iron request. Last week, I was in Bangkok and I was staying in this hotel name Bangkok Resort. Ok, don’t [...]

Car, something used to be luxury rather than necessity is now needs to many, especially Malaysian. Don’t tell me you are asking why. The answer is as simple as 123, “because all Malaysian can afford a car our public transport sucks big time.” Our expectation for this 4 wheels mechanical creature is getting  higher along the [...]

Yesterday, ex-colleagues called for a happy hours session at Movida Kota Damansara. First question came across was, where the hell is this place. When you need such information, you google it right? I did and I found nothing. Therefore I would like to share my experience and information about this place now since I’m here. [...]

Before I’m going to blog about the #porkgang CNY awesomesauce Phoon Choi dinner, I’m going to write the incident that happened after the dinner as for now. It was rare that we, #porkgang do dinner as early as 7.30pm but we did. Hence, with the way piranha eat, we finished dinner really early and planned for [...]


The Day We Show Respect To The Death

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Had an early BKT brunch on a lovely Sunday morning leaving fair a bit of spare time to relax and basically doing nothing. While exploring my photo archive, the pictures of recent Tomb Sweeping Day captured my eyes. It has been a tradition since 2500 years back that QingMing Festival was set as an opportunity for us to [...]


What Dream Means To You?

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On this lazy prolonged holiday’s morning (thanks to car’s alternator and rainy morning which drenched me during biking to work, ended up on EL), I received a FB message from someone I respect a lot. A teacher who taught me during primary school sent me this. Partial of the message 一般人都渴求美梦,害怕噩梦。通常我们印象最深的梦,是早上醒来前那个最长的梦境。我个人的经验,深刻的美梦或噩梦会给我带来启示或预兆。。。梦有宣泄与安抚、鼓励的功能,我们得学习做梦中的主人。。。平常清醒时,当我们遇到不愿面对的事情,为了让心灵不受伤害,我们会利用防卫机构把不安的情绪压抑下来。我们之所以做噩梦,就是要宣泄不安的压抑,再次面对自己的心理冲突。。。梦是绝对坦白的,不像清醒时我们反而戴著面具生活;梦坦白地把内心最私密的愿望或个性表达无遗。 Translation Most of us [...]


Loyal To The Spot

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Now, when we talk about “Loyal” and “Spot”, what actually circling round and round and round your head? Lately my company switched over from Streamyx to Wimax P1 (wonder why both must end with ‘x’) for faster connectivity and lower cost I think. Now, no doubt we have faster connectivity which easily reaches 100kb/sec but [...]


Name – Why "Horny"

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Name, such an ordinary term yet so important to almost everyone and everything in this world. Please tell me who or even what on earth do not have a name? I’m not able to even come out with one. Everything needs a label to distinguish one from another although it might be similar one on [...]


Sakura Blossom In Penang?

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I received an email recently with pictures attached from a friend asking if those really taken from Penang. Suddenly, something hit me, it made me recall a statement from one of my company’s director. He said, “Sometimes, we need to slow down our pace in order to feel and appreciate what is around us and [...]

Before I end my Hainan trip with the final post, I would like to share an exceptional exclusive experience. While I was spending 3 of my working years in China, I’ve been to quite a number of foot reflexology centers from luxurious spas to some cheesy parlors. The charges range from RMB 20 – 70 [...]


Women Driver Don’t Get Offended

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Few months back I came across a lady driver who stopped her car in the middle of the road that allowed only 1 car to slip through. When I drove toward and finally positioning my car face to face with hers, she didn’t seem to be moving her car away. I wound down my window, [...]


Economy Recession A daily repetitive term we hear. A dreadful term that everyone fear and don’t want to be a part of, and yet it is so unavoidable. The semiconductor, electrical and electronics, textile manufacturing industries are those badly hit in Malaysia. Hence, Penang is the state that worst affected by this round of economy’s [...]


4.30am 04 March 2009

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Again, woke up in the middle of the ‘silent’ night. Got myself up and thinking what is wrong with me lately. Would it be the pressure from work which not likely to be? Would it be the all the bad irrecoverable incident latterly? Or might it be me getting old enough to sleep less? This [...]



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Buffet, this term is no stranger to basically everyone who is able to grab their own food. However, how many of you know buffet can actually put into 4 different types? Random Buffet Picture One Take the things you want from the line, stall etc and get to pay end of the day base on [...]


The MooMoo Cow Year 2009

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My 1st vacation in 2009′s plan going to be on the very first day of CNY. I’ve been busy doing packing. Yeah yeah, everything last minute. even I got my pants in Pyramid after having reunion dinner with KY’s family just. Today was a rushing day. rush here rush there rushing buying this rushing buying [...]


2008’s Recapitulate

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The 366th and the very last day of 2008. Bye-bye 2008. Been thinking thinking and thinking on things that I’ve done so far on this year. As general, it is a “learning year”. · Learn to take up new roles in servicing department · Learn to handle department expenses (not say like I can manage [...]


Mosquitoes WAR

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Lately been annoyed by the blardy mosquitoes that “escape” into my room. Can’t really enjoy the evening peacefully with all those blood suckers. I’m so pissed off until the extend that i need to stop by 7Eleven checking out the electrical racket middle of the night. they have mosquitoes spray, coil, electrical repellent etc but [...]