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I believe we’ve all either intentionally or accidentally hummed, mumbled, beatboxed, making all sort of sound out of our mouth to either mimicking our favorite melodies or just some simply random tunes. With Munchy’s Mimic to the Muzic Contest, you will be able to utilize this amazing skill of you to win impressive prizes. What you need [...]


I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

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Entry for Sherlock Holmes Premiere Screening by Nuffnang Trace #1 – Success Trace #2 – Aiya, also success


Life Is Short 2012

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Mount Everest Independence Day + Dante’s Peak + The Day After Tomorrow + The Perfect Storm + Titanic = 2012 CGI special effect was awesome, breathtaking and intense. If you gonna tell me that there will be something worst than what shown in 2012, my imagination sector in my brain going to report error error error~. [...]

Did anyone see spider web here? Almost hitting 3 weeks with nothing was updated. Lately, truly madly deeply FML when it comes to WORK!. Work always sucks isn’t it? If you are in doubt with my statement, then you must be the luckiest person on the planet and please continue doing whatever you do now [...]


Just blog about tsunami that might kills thousands and millions of people if we take everything the ‘tidak apa’ (ignorance) way. Ancient Mayan has this legendary catastrophic prophecies spread that 2012 will be the end of the world. What could be worst than the end of the world?  Now, what if you gotta know in advance [...]

2 weeks ago, there was this most talk about Arthur’s Day in aligned with Guinness’s 250th celebration. Malaysia was the lucky host for Asia Pacific region.  I knew it’s going to be jam pack, hot and whatever but there are a lot of the people I know is going. Therefore, care not, Sunway Lagoon I [...]


Pampering Yourself With Ogawa

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Back to those days when I worked in China, went for a decent massage was always one of the best things to do after a tiring day. You may easily found foot reflexology parlor all around China with pretty reasonable price but I prefer full body massage anytime with slightly more to pay for. Such [...]


Premiere – Orphan

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I don’t usually watch horror movie especially haunted. The reason being, I’m scare there are too many negative elements in it which doesn’t make any good to us. Heart pumping faster in this situation increases blood circulation is not consider healthy as you are on trek mill ok. However, the trailer on Orphan was so [...]


UP by Pixar

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Did you ever experience 2 types of screening in cinema on a single movie session? I was one of the lucky people to experience that during UP premiere screening last week by Nuffnang. The movie started with normal screen and changed to a 35mm digital print after 10mins. The differences were significant. The color was [...]


Entry of District 9

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Not even two tigers can co-exist on a mountain as in Chinese Proverb. What could it be if human have to live together with alien on our lovely planet earth? How many of us out there can’t even tolerate and be considerate among human kind ourselves? How frequent we come across racist even at our [...]

It was another eventful weekend despite the excessive mileage, there was this very 1st major Nuffnang party in Malaysia for 2009 took place at the Maison in KL. It was the very 1st invites I got from Nuffnang and no way was I going to waste it by going alone. So I got Putri as [...]