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As much as I wanted to avoid going to Straits Quay (been there too many times), I was tempted by pork knuckle promoted by KSC. How can I resist a delicious PORK KNUCKLE? Jom!!! This Irish style establishment located at Straits Quay same side with Dome Cafe. Although it doesn’t looks exactly what I’d imagined, [...]


If you’re Penangites, when is your last time you’ve visited Penang Butterfly Farm, how many times in your entire life you’ve visited the place out of the reason to appreciate the park for its educational purposes and its wide range of butterflies species. I personally will not go if I do not have any guest [...]

Some time back in July 2010, I was returning to hometown for a business trip. @khoosc excitedly informed me of a newly opened place in town serving Sichuan & Hunan cuisine – Chin’s. Situated right beside the ferry terminal, under the same group as Soho, the place was luxuriously decorated in a totally awesome oriental [...]

Most of the people visits Penang for gluttonous appetite towards the delightful nourishment available on this small little island. However, when it comes to Chinese New Year, on top of food, fighting the traffic all the way along constraint and narrow Air Itam’s road is a must to many towards the pride of Air Itam, Kek Lok [...]

Why are we not given 15 days of holiday celebrating the most important cultural festival for Chinese? Why modern days responsibility caused the 15 days celebration limited to only two official days off? Mentally, physically I still not prepare to start working on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. Official holiday should last till [...]

Driving up north in a ridiculously slow speed taking up nearly a quarter of my day, tight schedule of business meeting & lots of paper documentation to be completed was kinda draining my energy away. As such, I was determined to say yes to an invite to join the group dinner at Miraku, G-Hotel recently. [...]

During the Hari Raya long holiday break, I rejected the Tambun Lost World waterpark outing suggested by Suanie after road trip down South to Sinkapola (Singapore) failed. However, I did meet up with them in Tambun Penang instead for seafood dinner after their session in Tambun Ipoh. Both Tambun basically are approximately 130km apart. It [...]


Wanted to write something about this post but now it’s kinda empty… just nothing came out. So just check out the pictures will do will ya? The progress and scenery of sunset Beautiful’s Georgetwon The golden moment Transformation I just simply love this photo lights on Time to move on with the journey. All pictures [...]

It was coincident that I had fun at Hard Rock Cafe Penang on their opening night. It all started from a random thought I twitted as below. It was the right move that I drove back late afternoon on Hari Raya Eve and got into least traffic jam for such festive. 5 hours drive (normally 3.5 [...]

To begin the 2nd morning, I steered over to transfer road, parallel to main thoroughfare Penang road, between the turnoffs to Hutton lane and Argyll road there is an anonymous open-air stall that serves possibly the best breakfast in town which I wrote in detail previously. Don’t be alarmed by its rickety appearance, the roti [...]

The morning of QingMing, my family members decided to con me into paying for their breakfast after 2 sessions of prayer over my RIP ancestors. Of course I was more than willing to pay for it. I came into a bit of surprised to know my parents’ choice of breakfast. This was nonetheless unusual Dim [...]


Sakura Blossom In Penang?

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I received an email recently with pictures attached from a friend asking if those really taken from Penang. Suddenly, something hit me, it made me recall a statement from one of my company’s director. He said, “Sometimes, we need to slow down our pace in order to feel and appreciate what is around us and [...]

Been a multi racial country, we do have varieties choice in crusine. Indian food is nothing new for Malaysian as part of the daily meal. Here I would like to introduce the infamous yet a common bite, Roti Canai, also known as Indian pancake outside Malaysia. When I travelled back to Penang, one of my [...]