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My job need me to travel for a bit and it also needs me to look proper in office attire. During business trip, most of the time, I’ll need to have argument with hotel over iron request. Last week, I was in Bangkok and I was staying in this hotel name Bangkok Resort. Ok, don’t [...]

Before I’m going to blog about the #porkgang CNY awesomesauce Phoon Choi dinner, I’m going to write the incident that happened after the dinner as for now. It was rare that we, #porkgang do dinner as early as 7.30pm but we did. Hence, with the way piranha eat, we finished dinner really early and planned for [...]


Year of Bull’s Shit 2009, End Pls.

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It’s the last day of the year again and it’s time  to calm down, recalling the goods & the bads happened to me  throughout the year. I seriously would  like to conclude  it as one bloody shitty year & I strongly believe  those of you who knows me will agree. Please  raise your hand if [...]