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It’s end of the year and as usual, it’s time to celebrate and party. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, family and you who is reading a joyous holiday and a happy prosperity new year ahead. In alignment with the festive season, streets, malls, merchant etc will usual put [...]


Alcohol Contribution

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I’m wondering what was the purpose alcohol was initially invented for. It seemed to evolve from whatever reason it was created for to one super multi-purpose drink at this current moment. You may be wondering why I said multi-purpose. Don’t you ever agree alcohol is always the best tool to enhance the atmosphere, do you? [...]

Car, something used to be luxury rather than necessity is now needs to many, especially Malaysian. Don’t tell me you are asking why. The answer is as simple as 123, “because all Malaysian can afford a car our public transport sucks big time.” Our expectation for this 4 wheels mechanical creature is getting  higher along the [...]


It was an exhausted business trip week for me. Hasten schedules, head cracking brain storming session, long-winded discussion and crucial decision making drained me empty. The only nice thing about this trip was, my butt get to comfortly rest on MAS’s nice soft cushion instead of black hard and straight Air Asia’s seat. It has [...]

Before I’m going to blog about the #porkgang CNY awesomesauce Phoon Choi dinner, I’m going to write the incident that happened after the dinner as for now. It was rare that we, #porkgang do dinner as early as 7.30pm but we did. Hence, with the way piranha eat, we finished dinner really early and planned for [...]

To visitor or those who work outside of Penang , stepping on the island of food means starting a food spree. As for me, I’m not so into filling up my tummy with all the yummy hawker’s food (eat every 2 hours) but rather meet up with friends for some talk kok session. Last 2 [...]