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The very first thing we did after got out from the hotel was filling up our stomach. There’s this Warung Mina located just opposite our hotel looks pretty decent yet very authentic Balinese feels.

My fried fish fillets ordered kinda surprise when served as you can see, the fillets came with the body where they were taken from. It was very fresh and yummy.

Yuki ordered fried calamari with special Balinese sauce which was a bit spicy, sweet and sour hence very delightful to the taste buds.

We checkout from the hotel and left our main luggage at the hotel and proceed to the very 1st destination. The iconic Tanah Lot. You know it’s Bali once you see this temple.

Due to budget restraint, motorbike was how the road trip begun.  It’s not entirely a cost factor but more towards the fun factor. With no GPS devices, we got a local Prepaid SIM Card for Google map direction. It’s good enough to show direction but unfortunately, our location cursor didn’t move as we did. Ended up, we went into all the surrounding villages and found a surf beach with black sparkling sand which is burning hot from the sun.

The sand is black in color

Hardly see any of them stand & surf properly on the surfboard

Journey continues venturing into villages (lost our way) before we manage to reach this famous 15th century’s temple. This add in the adventurous factor isn’t in? Finally, we made it to Tanah Lot at 3.30pm after riding for an hour or two.

This place is full of people

 Blessing from priest

Sunset at Tanah Lot

We left just before the sun is fully set as we need to return the motorbike on 8pm. We follow all those tour MPV and buses plus asking around the local as we ride, we managed to reach our hotel just 5mins before 8.

Before depart to Ubud, where the next 2 days we will be, we had our dinner at somewhere nearby the hotel. This Nasi Bali Restaurant’s food was amazingly delicious. If you so happened to see this place when you are at Bali, please dine in.

Nasi Bali, +1, Like

My Balinese pork slices rice

Yuki’s Balinese Fried Rice

After dinner, we took Taxi and arrived Ubud around 10.30pm which cost us Rupiah 200k. Average speed, 40kmh. Seriously slow.

Hotel Entrance

Inata Hotel, Ubud, Bali


Here I am, a place so called heaven. Took a night flight here and reached our hotel 5 mins before midnight.

1st thing that amazed me

This awesome entrance welcoming us after we got down from the airport shuttle. It will surely remind you that you are on the island of God.

1st thing that shock me was the taxi we took from airport. I was inform by KY that in Bali, all the driver drive damn 9 slow one and the roads are small. Hence, it always take quite a bit of time from a place to anther despite the short distance between the location. This driver to my surprise, he drove like I do back home. but I like.

Reached the hotel to my surprise, it’s actually quite nice.

Approaching the lobby

And this is the room that I’m blogging from now. I think it’s kinda worth it for the price of RM200

Went out to check out the surrounding of the hotel and came to know that, the clubbing area are not too far from the hotel but not too near to keep us awake. At 1.30am, the traffic condition was like our LDP rush hour. Didn’t check out any of those happening pubs and clubs which full of drunkard Aussies. Grab a quick bite from Mini Mart (like 7-11) and came to know our Garmin doesn’t comes with Bali map. So it’s useless now.

Going out in a bit exploring the South Bali the old fashion way. Hardcopy roadmap it will be. That’s all for now.

Where to start, how to start, what to start in this post? I need to get this written before the end of the year before I even started with my recent Koh Lipe trip. Procrastinating is never a good idea.

Well, my very 1st dive trip for 2011 was a 3D/2N getaway to Lang Tengah in conjunction to Derek’s (aka moobs) open water certification.  As usual, we traveled from KL middle of the night in order to catch the early ferry to the island.

On ferry with our gears & drinks (Celine’s holding)

The island was kinda quiet during our arrival until the next day where a few families appeared and checked in. It’s still nevertheless a very peaceful island compare to the nearby famous Redang Island which has more resort and visitor. Lang Tengah reminds me of Redang 15 years back when I 1st visit. Let us see how long it takes to turn Lang Tengah into another Redang Island.

The resort, a rather simple jetty and the dining section in the evening (food sucks tho)

Diving was basically the main reason we were there and this was the place where we geared up. If you still uncertain if to take up diving and concern about the safety etc, check out the wall of the dive center.

“There was a time when sex was safe and diving is dangerous”

The very 1st dive was a shore dive where moobs performing the certification requirement. Mask clearing, take out the regulator, take out BCD etc with his fishman instructor, Edvin, who is also my instructor. The visibility was not exactly the ideal case or it was just caused by sand storm created by the newbie?

Moobs performing his certification requirement

Stereotyped my instructor pretty well isn’t it? Need to learn his breathing too

Remember I lost my camera at Pulau Aur? So this was my very 1st dive without a camera since my certification. Diving is never the same without a CAMERA!!!!

KY passed me his video console (I do not know what it’s called) so that I have something to play with on the subsequent dives. Most of the videos were too dark and noisy except one of it where I manage to capture a weird fish swam between us in lighting speed yet maneuver like and eel. None of us know the name of the fish. Even Ed who did few thousand dives never seen such a species.

Me with small ass video console and a torch

The best encounter of the trip was this leopard shark almost the size as big as me. That creature was resting on the sandy seabed until Terence created an earthquake to scare it away. However, because of this, KY managed to take a every nice shot of it taking off and swam away from us.

My first leopard shark (picture taken by KY)

I puked again (being something very normal when I dive) after my 4th dives and I couldn’t remember what’s wrong with me. Decided to skip my last dive to get some rest before the dinner.

On our way back to the island and ended my dive for this trip

We were told that there were filming on the island and the pink color hut was still there when we arrived.  The movie was showing on all the cinema not too long ago and lucky it was not as good selling as Mo Mo Tea that basically commercialized Redang Island.

夏日乐悠悠》or Summer Love You You

Went under the jetty trying to be artistic (not very successful)

Some kids having fun on the beach and the wind was strong

Sunset view on the beach just in front of the resort

I was lying down on the sandy beach directly until thunderstorm approached

When the night comes, drinking seems to be the only activity available especially when thunderstorm was covering the entire place. We manage to make few friends and we finished the whole bottle of Jägermeister making Jäger bomb. Moobs got hyper from it and Joe was helping by giving moobs a deep throat. Result was effective. Puke immediately!!! LOL

Joe Deep Throat-ed Derek (aka Fooi aka Moobs)

Just checkout how big the mosquito is

 Time to go back to reality

Ed | KY | Me | God | Dar | Moobs


Dive up to post : 31

1st deep dive on this trip.



Novemeber 2011, the month that I need to pay mysillycar‘s roadtax + insurance. My $$ tell me that they believe they can fly and of course, they did. The good thing was, it is also my birthday month. 2 years in a row, I was tricked on my birthday. Yes, I’m noob like that.

Last year they surprised me at Suanie’s pool side and this year, I was shocked to see BBQ pit setup at KY’s place when I came back from a full day training. Apparently, some of my colleagues involved in keeping me in the dark. Good job. I was fully unaware of this coming. Fully surprised!!!


I was welcome by a middle finger while walking into the house

With #BBQAddicts around, food is never lacking. Scallops, cod fish, superior cut steak, barcardi bacons (my birthday gift from Lance), pig in blankets, mushroom with cheese etc. You name it and they have it. Kim & Yuki did help to prepare some BBQ stuff and some salads too. Thanks guys.

Food & Beverage

As usual, Lance was the person in-charged for our food but this time, Mike and the rest did help a lot on the grilling stuff.

Obviously the very 1st steak was honored to me. Just check out how big it was. Simply CRAZY!!!

The epic part of the night was get rid of the tilapia occupying KY’s pond. We tried for the longest time catching this fish but unsuccessful because it’s damn fast. Surprisingly, Lance did catch it without any difficulty at all. Are you wondering why Ringo was holding the fish? She cheat 1 mar… need to pose a bit.

So eventually, ST helped to kill the fish and I slaughter it and returned it back to Lance once again to add spices and grill it. This must be the bloodiest birthday ever with freshest fish filling up our tummy.

After cutting the fish, it’s time for cake cutting, the very usual thing we do during birthday. The unusual part was, it’s a home made cake by Kim. The caramelized mixed nut tiramitsu cake was delicious. I like it and thank you very much Kim.

Party will never happened without some awesome people attending and these people below are beyond awesome. Thank you so much for dropping by. Thanks for tricked me. Thanks for the food preparation. Thanks for eating and drinking. Thanks for laugher. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for the SURPRISE! Thanks for being a friend of mine.

I understand that you guys were informed in short notice and yet you guys did make it happened. *HUGS*

Shaolintiger | Kimberlycun | Cheesie | Pauline | KY | Haze | Li Ling | Melissa | Mike | Lance | Ruby | Huai Bin | Zess | Suanie | Fireangel | Fresh | Charlie | Cendawan | Belimbing | Tembikai | Rambutan |

Last but not least, thank you very much my Yuki darling to organize and gather everyone for this surprise birthday party. I know its not easy to arrange all these in such a short notice and you managed to make it happened. Thank you so much and I really appreciate the effort.


I traveled back to Penang on my birthday and managed to reach in time (slightly later than normal dinner time though) for dinner with my family at Chili’s Gurney Plaza.  They even prepared a green tea cake from Ritz Pastry (one of the best pastry house in Penang)

Ritz Pastry Green Tea Cake


I never like Guinness until I tried it during the Merry Guinness invite by ST and Kim at Deutsches Gasthaus. From then onwards, I’m one of the small contributor to GAB’s profit. To be honest, not all the Guinness I drank is good. Some of them been watered down and some of them could be kinda bitter but there are some good one out there depends on which outlets you went to. I’m not sure if by lower down the alcohol % enhanced the whole Guinness experience but well, who cares as long as its good. Guinness is definitely one of my favour drink as for now.

If you wonder where to get the best Guinness in town, I believe the answer would be the place it has been brewed. Tavern, which access is only by invitation, a heavenly drinking place located inside GAB itself seems to be getting very good feedback from those who visited. After years of waiting, the moment has arise when Suanie asked me to join her for the Oktoberfest held in it. *Happy*

GAB Tavern and the liquid serves in it

The bar counter has only draught tabs and without any sort of cash registration machine. What does this means? Everything is FREE OF CHARGE. What could be more awesome right?

Bar Counter Can’t Find Cash Register

I got to understand that a good pint of Guinness doesn’t only rely  on how it has been brewed but also how it is pour from the tab. The two-part of the surge and settle pour is important part of serving.

Filling the glass with black liquid

All the drink served in small glass instead of the full pint we usually served with in normal pub. I like it this way as it won’t get too warm for my final sip before getting a new drink. I’m not too sure if it’s because of the freshness that really lifted the sense of roasty sweetness from the Guinness I had there. It was really good.

No doubt the best Guinness in town

  Even for a person like Eyeris who is really detail when comes to his drink (except Johnny Walker) loves the Guinness and Kilkenny here.

Sign Language showing “FUCKING Good”

On top of Guinness, the Kilkenny here is also top of the notch. In fact, I like the Kilkenny here more than the Guinness. The reason being, I’m still able to taste some really awesome Guinness during the Guinness event but I hardly come across any Kilkenny’s event invites so far.

Glowing Kilkenny

Last but not least, we were there for Oktoberfest remember? There were few Oktoberfest chicks around but they were not serving your beer. Get your own beer or tap your own beer if you want. The band played some original Oktoberfest songs and nothing beat Beyond’s 海阔天空 (Hai Kuo Tian Kong). I must said it’s weird to have this on Oktoberfest event but this is not a complaint. It was the highlight of the night actually when everyone went nuts singing along. Awesome experience. Thanks GAB and Thank you Suanie.