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Interior and Mojito

We were greeted to 4 interesting combination of appetizer and a platter of cold cuts with various dipping and bread.  If I need to introduce the appetizers we had, it will be ‘a range prosciutto wraps’.

Meat in prosciutto = Special pigs in special blankets (RM 24) – Meat lover will definitely love it.

Vegetable in prosciutto = Asparagus under prosciutto (RM 22) – Freshness is the word for it.

Seafood in prosciutto = Angels in parma (RM 32) – The combination of oyster with the ham with the sauce is very distinctive.

Fruits in prosciutto = Peaches ‘n’ parma (RM 22) – Very special fusion on this one. Fruity pair with salty from the parma ham.


The cold cuts platter (RM 54) provides a nice selection of hams with special home made mustard and jams. They goes extremely well with the slices of baked bread and of cause not to forget the thin slices of cheese as well. I personally prefer the mustard over the jam which is too sweet for my liking.

It’s a huge platter which is good for 3 – 4 person as a starter

 Racks pulled pork & big BAD sandwiches  (RM 26) gives you the satisfaction of meat munching if you do not like burger patty which doesn’t has the meaty textures remain. The pulled pork is slow-cooked before its place in between the burger buns. On the other hand, the big bad sandwiches present itself  with grilled streaky bacon.

Pulled Pork Burger | Big Bad Sandwich

My favourite dish of the night was this ubiquitous Racks pork burger (RM 28). I love the patty. Do not deceived by its ordinary presentation. It tastes more than how it looks. Juicy and tenderness grilled patty with home made low temperature oven-baked tomatoes and bacon, what can you ask more?

Racks Pork Burger

Although the pork burger is sufficient for revisit, pork ribs is the highlight of the night. Most of the bloggers prefer the special Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs (RM 52 full rack, RM 32 half rack). The marmalade slow braised ribs has its own speciality as the sweet marmalade sauce paired the ribs nicely.  As for me, I personally favour the Hot & Spicy Pork Ribs (RM 52 full rack, RM 32 half rack). Spicy boost the appetite I guess.

Marmalade Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs | Hot & Spicy Pork Ribs

Just check out the size of the full ribs compare to Kim’s arm

This place has more than enough pork to feed you. With those bottles on the racks, they do have some awesome beverages to enhance the atmosphere. The Molotov was the 1st rack to warm our stomach. This shooters consist of vodka, tequila, Jack Daniels and Tabasco sauce.  This shooter is kinda strong. Be ready before order.

Next shooter has an awesome name, Test Tube Babies. This babies were made by vodka, peach schnapps and a dash of cranberry. This shooter was so much smoother with a taste of sweetness.

The final shooter, Illusion comes with happy fruity taste. The mixture of Midori melon, pineapple juice and vodka made some happy people.

These shooters comes in a rack of a dozen and cost only RM200.

Huai Bin happily holding the racks. Of course, downing some of it.

 Drinking from the test tube feels like intake a dose of happy chemical

It has been months since my last update. It’s time to keep the blog up and running again (hopefully. *pray*)

Since I started diving, I promised myself to record all my diving experience here. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case as of now. Let me recall the trip happened almost a year back.

We drove from KL towards Mersing Jetty which took us almost 5 hours. We reached just before midnight to catch our boat ride to Pulau Aur. The Diver’s Lodge was the destination. The ride was really an unforgettable experience.

We occupied the upper layer deck which has really limited head room not even enough to sit straight. Lucky it’s air conditioned but unfortunately, there’s smell of diesel flows near where I was. Of course, it was not very pleasant but I was still able to get a good 4 hours sleep before we were waken up in the middle of the sea.

Just check out the head room on the upper deck where we were

We need to get of the boat onto a platform floating on the sea located approximately 150 meters away from the lodge. A smaller boat was used to transport all of us to the jetty which required some effort to climb up to due to low tide.

Pulau Aur’s Jetty

I was really tired caused by the journey as well as the lack of sleep but the excitement boost the endorphin level in the central nervous system and there goes my plan to catch some rest before the 1st dive. Instead of sleeping which most of the people did, Terence, KY and myself went for an early morning swim near the jetty once its bright enough to do so.

The view from the room during arrival was truly spectacular

The chalets on the island

The Canteen also can consider fishes feeding area

I must compliment the food served during our stay. Love each and every meal there. The BBQ buffet on the last night was superb. There’s a bar on the dining platform named Narcosis that will definitely create land narcosis with the variety it stocks.

The food we had on the island was surprisingly tasty

 The 4D3N trip comes with 9 dives but I skipped 1 night dive and the very final dive. The DM kept leading us swim against the current. Damn tired OK. That’s not the worst part. The camera I was holding below sink like Titanic without my notice until it was all too late. Due to my recklessness, it’s now part of the coral formation at one of the dive site. That’s the main reason I skipped the very final dive. Too sad to fight the current.

The camera casing actually belongs to Shaolintiger. He has the casing but lost the camera and my Fujifilm F31d needs its underwater casing. It has accompanied me since my very 1st dive and now it’s history. I’m sorry Shaolintiger.

My camera turn into part of the underwater treasure

I was taking pictures of crabs after craps happened while the rest enjoying fighting the current on their final dive.

Crab after crap happened

I don’t regret withdrawn myself from the last dive as I was not in the mood at all and more importantly, I got to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the deck.

Pulau Aur’s Sunset

Scary walking platform on the island

As it was a season closing trip, this was how the lodge’s owner clearing his stock in Narcosis Bar. Terrifying!!!

Devil owner clearing his Narcosis Bar’s inventories

The Group. Top Gabriel, Irene, Rachel, Norman, Horng, KY and the cameraman, God

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As much as I wanted to avoid going to Straits Quay (been there too many times), I was tempted by pork knuckle promoted by KSC. How can I resist a delicious PORK KNUCKLE? Jom!!!

This Irish style establishment located at Straits Quay same side with Dome Cafe. Although it doesn’t looks exactly what I’d imagined, it still looks pretty pleasant.

Healy Mac’s

This corner kinda secluded & cozy

Without having 2nd thought, pork knuckle was my order. Even the small portion came out to be gigantic. Just look at my pint of Guinness.

Healy’s Pork Knuckle

This dish comes with spiced potatoes & pickled vege. The black sauce given is slightly bitter which I believe made with Guinness. I didn’t take much of it as the BBQ sauce applied on the pork knuckle is delightful enough. The meat was scrumptious perfectly matched by crispy roasted skin. Even shared 1/4 of it, I was not able finish this god damn thing.

KSC ordered grill cod which was equally mouthwatering. The portion was small enough for her to share some of my pork knuckle. Else, we will be strike by lighting for wasting too much food.

Healy’s Grilled Cod

It was a long dinner session accompanied by some beverages.

How can you not order a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub

I don’t think any guy would want to order this, Strawberry Magarita

End with a glass of Rocking Jameson Irish Whiskey

I was quite satisfied with the food served. However, I’m still wondering why all the service in those restaurant I’ve been to are the same. BAD! needs major improvement. Hope to see some improvement in this area.


If you’re Penangites, when is your last time you’ve visited Penang Butterfly Farm, how many times in your entire life you’ve visited the place out of the reason to appreciate the park for its educational purposes and its wide range of butterflies species. I personally will not go if I do not have any guest from outstation. I realised I was totally wrong about this concept. My recent trip back to Penang has brought to me a meaningful experience of touring the park under bright hot afternoon sunlight to experience with my own eyes & of course my Canon G10 to deliver to you some beautiful species displayed below.

Entrance to the butterflies sanctuary

Young butterfly – Caterpillar

Hypolimnas bolina The Great Egg Fly Nymphalidae feeding on Bunga Raya

Paper Kite nom nom nom

Butterflies Happy Hour

Thirsty Butterfly

Established in the year 1985, the Penang Butterfly Farm served two objectives as first tourist attraction and secondly as centre for education and scientific research. Housed more than 4000 Malaysian butterflies of 120 different species, the unique part of the park is its free flying papilions in the enormous enclosure.

Endangered Yellow Birdwing (Troides helena) – Huge butterfly it is.

A walk through the park has also inspired me to know more about butterflies & how they are symbolised in some of the cultures in the olden days. Japanese has symbolised the butterflies to personification of human whether they are living or dead. They also believed if a butterfly flew into the guestroom & perched on the bamboo screen, someone you loved most is coming to see you. The Greek meanwhile sees butterflies as soul or mind. While most culture associate butterflies with bad omen, the Chinese on the other hand believed that 2 flying butterflies together is associated with love.

The brief write up above is with the hope to encouraged more and more people to go and see for yourself the enchanting beauty of this colourful flying species. On top of that, you can find many funny looking insects in the butterfly farm.

Some of the insects and lizards available

Check out more here:

If you are bored with the normal beer selections, move your ass now and drop by Brussels Beer Cafe and order a Grimbergen. I personally think you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, I’m not a beer kind of person. I think I will get drunk with beer easier than any other alcoholic drink. Just my feel and doesn’t means this is 100% true. In fact, I got drunk with any alcohol drink quite easily. I’m a cheap drinker and it helps the wallet.

Well, weeks ago, I was invited to Brussels Beer Cafe Menara Hup Seng for the soft launch on an awesome Belgium abbey beers. I was kinda impressed to discover the beer was 1st brewed in 1128 by monk. YES monk! Can’t believe ancient monk is contributing to some amazing beer we are drinking today.

This Belgian ale is definitely one of the smoothest beer in town. In  contrary to its smoothness, it’s rich and flavorful. Instead of the normal sourish taste on ale, this one produces sweet after taste. To me, this is a very nice, easy to drink ale. Oh, it does comes with 6.7% ABV to make you really happy after few glasses.

Check out the bottom right corner. 6.7%

Brussels is generous enough to take good care of our stomach with their famous Roasted Pork (Siew Yuk), Pork Sausages with fries, amazing garlic bread and mussels + Grimbergen + Cheese + Bacon (with these combination, how can it not be awesome?)

I miss the garlic bread already

I couldn’t remember exactly how many times the refilling took place.

The golden fluid of happiness

The more refill we got, the level of enjoyment increases.

The boss of Luen Heng showing us how to down your drink and he bought all of us Jägermeister

And the fun begins.

Grimbergen transformed Suanie OMG!

I was happily wearing my Grimbergen’s hat. That’s how fun Grimbergen can be

What’s worst? Try finish this video clip and you will know how we rock Brussels Menara Hup Seng.

Just imagine this, Grimbergen can turned Carlsberg’s MD Mr. Soren into a rapper and how can the nite not be happening? Superb beer, awesome hospitality, great companion and it was one hell of a nite. Yam~ Seng~

Shaolintiger, Suanie, Terence, Celine, Mike, Kerol, Joshua, Marcky etc etc etc were there.