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Life Is Short 2012

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Mount Everest Independence Day + Dante’s Peak + The Day After Tomorrow + The Perfect Storm + Titanic = 2012 CGI special effect was awesome, breathtaking and intense. If you gonna tell me that there will be something worst than what shown in 2012, my imagination sector in my brain going to report error error error~. [...]


Akon Live with Chivalry @ Sunway

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When most of the famous bloggers were out of town attending Grammy Awards Nuffnang Awards down at Singapore, me on the other hand invited for Akon Freedom Beach Concert 09 by Chivas. There is no other beach to held a concert in KL other than Sunway surf beach for this awesome invites. This year alone I was [...]


My 4th concert of the year and there is still one quarter to go for 2009. A crazy year for me indeed. Not even 4 concerts in the past 4 years but this year alone I went to four of them. I was a bit kampung (bumpkin country boy) wondering how the hell a concert [...]